Saturday, May 26


PHOTOS from the Official Launch of the Nicademia Video On Demand Platform and Mobile App

by Staff writer

Nigeria's foremost video streaming and content distribution animation company, Nicademia, had its official launch yesterday (25th May).

With goals of promoting the cultures and languages of Nigeria and other African countries, Nicademia says its mission is to prevent the extinction of African languages as well create a market for African animation.

The official launch of the Nicademia platform unveiled four of its main products which include:

a. Nicademia Mobile App

b. Nicademia Edutainment Tablet manufactured by Zinox

c. Nicademia Video-On-Demand Website


d. Nicademia TV Channel

CEO of Nicademia, Mr Valentine Ubalua, delivering the welcome address.

Mrs Njoku Nneka, the Nicademia Chief Publicity Officer, delivering the Nicademia pitch.

Emerging filmmaker, Adebimpe Adebambo, speaking at the event.

Mr Owolabi Oluwaseyi from USP Brand Management.


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