Saturday, February 3


The one thing I wish I never saw in my LIFE

by Asa Justus

If you don’t like horror stories, you shouldn’t continue reading.

Even worse, this is based on a real-life experience.

It was the last day of the semester at school. I was both stressed and excited. Stressed due to all the sorting and packing; excited because I would get to eat mom’s cooking all summer long!

Outside the school building, my mom pulled up and I loaded my bags into the trunk.

“This is going to be a swell summer!” I thought to myself.

While in the car, my mom and I started gisting (Nigerian slang for gossiping/conversing) about all the things that had happened while I was away at school that semester.

It was probably less than 8 miles from my school when we hit an unusually heavy traffic.

Everyone was wondering what was wrong, before we saw there'd been an accident up ahead.

I turned the other way and told my mom I wasn’t going to look and she slowly inched her car forward to continue the journey.

As soon as our car reached the accident scene, my mom screamed “Jesus!” (as is expected from a Nigerian mother. I really don’t know why I expected a different reaction at that time).

I instantly jerked my head to the left and I saw it…


There was a man sprawled out on the left lane of the road.

His head … oh Lord, his head. His head was broken apart and a part of what I believe was his brain was splattered on the floor right next to his skull piece.

It was an accident involving a car and a motorcycle (what we call okada in the Nigerian Yoruba language).

There was so much blood on the floor.

The smell of fuel became stronger.

There was another inexplicable smell in the air.

I felt sick immediately and turned my head away.

I saw that scene for no more than three seconds but it’s something I will never forget…and it is the one thing I wish I had never seen in my life!


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