Tuesday, February 27


8 things I do to stay HAPPY!

by Sprith Shrivastava

Eight things I do to stay happy daily:

1. I quit Facebook:

Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and every other social media too. I did this for a month to get rid of the unnecessary comparison with every other person on this planet.

2. I count 5 things that I should be grateful for:

Things like: "I have parents, I am privileged enough to have 2 meals a day", etc. I do this when I wake up and before I go to sleep. This is to generate the King of positive emotions: Gratitude.

3. I go outside:

I walk daily for 20 minutes, just observing the nature, looking at the kids playing and their grandparents smiling in a fulfilling way. I take delight in the little things that this universe is made of.

4. I enjoy my hobby:

Do you have a hobby? Do you sing? Paint? Write? Dance? Run? Read blogs/books? Follow anyone of it and do it stubbornly. It will relax your mind after a not-so-great day at work.

5. I plan a social outing at least once a month:

Be it a movie, a trek, a dinner, a sunset together...anything! Life is made of memories.

6. I meditate:

This is to train your mind to think of nothing. To ignore the cloud of uncontrollable thoughts. This will help you think clearly when faced with uncontrollable circumstances.

7. I joined an NGO:

We think that we are the only ones with problems. We are not. If you are able to enlighten a mind of an underprivileged child, then your life is worth it.

8. I make a role model:

In my case I have Bruce Lee. I follow his practical philosophies of life.

I always say to people: Don't seek happiness or run away from the hope of finding it.

Let it go, let things go and happiness shall come to you when it is least expected.

Happy living, my precious ones!!!


Sprith Shrivastava is an engineer, poet and modern-day philosopher.


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