Thursday, January 25


The beautiful man I married...

by Yayenia Thompson

I was once married to a man 20 years my senior.

We were good friends to begin with, got along pretty well, before eventually deciding to take our relationship forward.

But immediately after the question was asked and I said yes out of what felt like 'This is the best I deserve so yeah', things went horribly awry.

He turned verbally and emotionally abusive, did horrible things to me under the guise of 'it doesn't count because we're married' and so on.

I realized too late that I wasn't attracted to him, in any way.

I didn't want to be seen in public with him, I didn't even want my friends to see him. I didn't ever crave to be alone with him.

I would get infuriated if he took a day off work, because it meant I had less time away from him. I worked from home at that time, writing my trilogy.

Clearly the marriage ended badly, but end it did.

And I found me someone who is beyond attractive to me. Who is beautiful, and has got a beautiful soul.

He became my best friend, my soulmate, my foundation, my shoulder…my everything.

And did I remember to tell you how gorgeous he is!

I can't get too soppy because he reads this website as well and I know he'll make a face at me, but I am so happy to just be, as long as it's with him.

I want to spend every moment with him.

His physical attractiveness is matched only, if not outshone, by his personal attractiveness.

I love going out with him, even just to Walmart or wherever because he makes me so happy.

I don't care that other people gawk. I don't care that women get weird when he talks and they hear his accent. (He is Northern England!)

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it and it amuses me, but for the most part I'm just glad he picked me and I picked him.

I mean if anyone ever tried to go for a move I'd throat-punch that twit into eternal silence.

Fighting over a man is silly, I know, but he's worth my every silly!

But in the end it's just him, all of him, inside and out, that makes me grateful that it's me who gets to spend the rest of my life sharing a space with him.

And I'm just proud to be with him because of who he is, and not what.

Okay, that's all for now -- he'll soon be back so I got to finish shaving!


Yayenia Thompson is a published author, editor, moulage-tech, first aid survivalist, wand-maker, musician and immortal wolverine.


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