Monday, January 15


Nigerian lady surprises man who wanted to kick her out because of sex

by Staff writer

A 24-year-old Nigerian lady shared the story of how a man tried to kick her out of a hotel room he paid for because she refused him sex.

The lady who shared her story on Twitter explained that she and the unidentified man had met at an event and became friends.

The lady identified as BellexForte on Twitter explained that the man offered to pay for her room and she accepted because she was on holiday in Lagos.

However, after the man found out that she would not sleep with him, he decided to kick her out of the room.

According to her, she immediately paid for the room with her money and asked the hotel management not to allow the man into the hotel.

BellexForte’s story raised a small controversy on Twitter with a lot of women and some men lauding her for her decision while others criticized her.

In one of her tweets, BellexForte advised ladies to take note of the men that are upset about what she did and stay away from them.

She said: “Ladies please take note of the men that are upset about my victory in the comments. Those are men to stay away from.”

When two Twitter users asked her to share proof that she could afford the hotel room, the lady answered by sharing a photo of herself when she was called to bar.


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