Thursday, January 18


Man accused of killing two officers laughs in court and says 'I will kill more!'

by Staff writer

In a strange turn of events, a man accused of fatally shooting two police deputies during a 2014 crime spree in California laughed and smirked at the start of his murder trial on Tuesday.

“I will break out soon, and I will kill more,” a grinning Luis Bracamontes sitting in handcuffs beside his attorney declared.

Luis Bracamontes, who has been confirmed to be an illegal immigrant, allegedly killed the deputies in a violent, multi-county crime spree in October 2014.

While in court, Bracamontes appeared to show no remorse.

According to news agencies, he giggled during court opening statements and at one point called one of the deputies a coward and said he wanted to kill more.

"There was no need to prove all this s*it," Bracamontes said before the court.

Judge Steve White eventually had to dismiss the jury during one of Bracamontes' outbursts.

"I don't f*cking regret that s*it. The only thing I f*cking regret is I only killed two," Bracamontes shouted.

"I wish I killed more of those motherf*ckers."

During opening statements, Bracamontes' attorney said the defense is not trying to prove his innocence.

"We are not contesting many of these charges," defense attorney Jeffrey Barbour said.

Instead, the defense argues that Bracamontes has serious mental health issues and deserves life in prison and not a death penalty.

"Mr. Bracamontes is responsible for the deaths of Deputy Danny Oliver and the death of Detective Michael Davis," Barbour said.

"He shot them both."

The prosecution will call its first witness, Bracamontes' brother, to the stand on Wednesday.


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