Thursday, January 25


How I lost my best friend at KFC

by Aditya Salunkhe

We were sitting in KFC’s small outlet.

That was the only one in the neighborhood so we had no choice.

Both hungry after 8 hours of Engineering lectures which hammered at our every last desire to live, I ordered a regular-sized paneer zinger burger and fries.

My best friend ordered some tender juicy chicken wings.

They brought in our orders.

The AC was too rough which made the urge to pee greater than the urge to hog in food.

But when I returned, half of my fries were missing along with a huge bite of my burger.

I felt a current of anguish and pain run through my spine.

The only person I trusted, the only person who knew I’m vegetarian and would not even taste his stuff, betrayed me and was now devouring his own chicken, half immersed in that bucket!

I knew this was the end of the friendship.

I knew something greater than bro-code, the super-ultimate Joey-code was broken.

I never trusted that guy again, and I never left my fries under his watch again!

How could I ever again?


My name is Aditya Salunkhe and I like to write random stuff people seem to enjoy.

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