Sunday, December 31


How to find a rich sugar mummy in Nigeria

by Ariyo Olanrewaju

What is the easiest way for a young, struggling guy to cure his brokeness?

Find a rich sugar mama.

And how can one do that?

Simply follow these steps carefully:

1. Enter a market, the larger the better.

2. Search for any woman selling sugar there.

3. Bend low and lift a paint-sized portion of sugar from the sugar seller's container.

4. Then proceed by pouring the entire sugar all over the sugar woman.

5. There. Now you have a completely unfiltered sugar mummy.

Disclaimer: I will not be be held responsible for any actions on the user that may result from the implementation of any of these steps.



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    1. Maxwell his number not going...can you help?

  2. I was searcing getting Sugar mummy tips since very long. I will try your method for sure.


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