Wednesday, December 13


The day my 10-month-old son scared the crap out of me!

by Chelsie Smallman

My son was about 10 months old and my friend had come down from a few miles away to have a movie night with me.

I took my son up to bed, and he grovelled a little bit.

But, suddenly, he was silent. I thought he's finally fallen asleep.

So, I snuck up the stairs to check. I peeked around the corner of my landing and there he was…both legs between the baby gate, looking to his left, away from me.

His eyes were completely blank.

And then he turned his head, slower than I've ever seen anyone turn their heads before and just stared directly into my eyes.

No sound. No blinking. Just staring.

I quite literally ran down a few steps and had to sit there to catch my breath.

I finally built up the courage to look again; he was doing the same thing.

I took him out of his room, and downstairs with me until he fell asleep on the sofa with me and my best friend.

I wish I could explain it better, but he really gave me the same creeps Chucky the doll gives me.

Thankfully, he's never done that again and I can laugh about it now ... I think.


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