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This woman sent 'last photo' of her child to ex before killing her

by Staff writer

A mother who sent a "last photo" of her two-year-old daughter to her ex-partner shortly before she killed her has admitted murder.

Cody-Anne Jackson, 20, changed her plea to guilty after Stafford Crown Court heard evidence about how her daughter, Macey Hogan, may have died.

Macey was smothered to death in 2016, shortly before Jackson called 999 and then tried to kill herself.

The jury heard Jackson told paramedics she had been stabbed.

Jackson resented Macey's father following the breakdown of their relationship and sent him a photo of the toddler along with the message "Sorry, just thought you deserved one last picture and memory of her", the trial heard.

The 20-year-old, of Packett Street, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, claimed she had woken up on 10 October 2016 to find her daughter lifeless next to her between two pillows, police said.

Cody-Anne Jackson killed Macey and then tried to take her own life, the court heard.

Jurors heard she called paramedics to report that her daughter was not breathing.

Forensic pathologist Dr Alexander Kolar said the exact cause of Macey's death had not been defined.

It was impossible to give an exact time of death, he said, but evidence pointed to it being at least 30 minutes before the emergency services arrived.

Prosecutor Jonas Hankin QC said a suicide note written by Jackson, who had a history of self harm, was found at the house.

She was seen by a doctor who confirmed she had three superficial stab wounds but no significant injuries.

"The prosecution case is the defendant deliberately smothered Macey," he said.

"The defendant acted on her stated intention to kill Macey but failed to follow through with her suicide. It is that simple."

Inspector Dan Ison, of Staffordshire Police, said: "We welcome this guilty plea, albeit during the trial, but nothing can ever replace Macey.

"This incident resulted in the dreadful loss of a two-year-old girl who is dearly missed."

Jackson will be sentenced on 27 July.


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