Tuesday, January 24


To deter unwanted guests, Lagos woman goes to extremes

To hold off unwanted visitors, a landlady in Lagos resorted to surrounding her home with nails fixed into slabs of cement.

According to Tori.Ng who first shared the news, the house owner fixed sharp iron nails into the stone slabs in front of her house at the Ogba area of Lagos just to keep people away from her home and demarcate her territory.

Slabs with nails pointing upward - tori.ng

Slabs with nails pointing upward - tori.ng

Residents are calling out to the appropriate authorities for an action to be taken, as the woman's act endangers people, especially children living in the area who might accidentally step on the nails at night.

A little girl has already gotten injured by the nails, the source added.

Nail injuries can lead to tetanus, a serious bacterial infection that affects the brain and nervous system.


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