Tuesday, November 15


DNB Quiz: Answer and Win!

In the just concluded DNB story, Quarter of a Blue Moon, Uzoma said to her son, Ejike:

"Agwo! I na amighali!"

Translate this statement to English and win a N1000 worth of airtime.

Terms and conditions:

1. Winning answers will be chosen based on own discretion.

2. Only comments made with a name is valid. You are free to drop more than one answer, though you can only win once.

3. Acceptable networks for winners are -- MTN, Airtel, GLO and Etisalat.

4. Winners will be announced on this same post by tomorrow so keep refreshing to know when you win.

5. Anybody is FREE to play, but prize is only redeemable if a winner is Nigerian.

Good luck!!!


Sponsored by Madam NG.
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  1. So wot if I don't understand Igbo?

    1. You contact any Igbo friend you have and the person will tell you the answer

  2. Rather discriminatory I must say am American and have been following your blog for a long time now

    1. Hi Anderson you are free to play. just that you might not be able to redeem your prize if you win

    2. Keep visiting DNB Anderson and always leave a comment.

  3. Olatoye IyanulOluwa16 November 2016 at 07:25

    The Serpent

  4. It's means "Snake, keep meandering" OR "Snake,you will be sneaking(meandering) around".

  5. Guys I'm the moderator for this quiz. The correct answer will be chosen by a lecturer of Linguistics in a Nigerian university. Keep writing down your answers o

  6. Hehehe! I will be binding all commenters down so that they will not disappear tomorrow! Hehehe!
    Me I will send my own answer after aunty Glo have given you her lecturer's translation or verdict. Hehehe!

  7. "Snake! Keep slithering from place to place!"

  8. Snake moving upandan

  9. 'Snake! always on the moving or always moving

  10. Guys the rules have changed. You can only drop one answer now. That is one answer per person. Many people are dropping multiple answers. I will no longer approve new answers from the same people that already answered.

  11. snake you been sneaking around

    1. Agwo...,snake
      I na amighali.... U will just be meandering

      Thank God for igbo boifrd

  12. Hi guys. So sorry for the slight delay, was waiting for the results to come in.
    We have 3 winners:
    1. Olatoye IyanuOluwa
    2. Ike Chinyere
    3. Miracle
    Special thanks to all that played. The people that wrote "sneaking" are also correct but either they wrote more than one answer or their answers came late.
    To get your reward, just go to our official Facebook page www.facebook.com/DNBStories and send us a message before the close of working time today [4 p.m]
    Please do not contact Boss Daniel directly for your card, he has already released the money.
    Stay alert, more games to be played.


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