Wednesday, October 5


Best Way to Use Somebody's Content on your Blog

by Gautam Ghosh


Copying somebody's full blog post is wrong. It hurts the author's Google page rank if the content is duplicated on another site, and your blog might actually be penalized by Google.

A better idea would be to share why you like that content and offer your take on it, urging your readers to read it on his/her blog. That way you'll be sending him traffic and earning his/her goodwill.


Plagiarism [copying someone's work] is outright unforgivable when:

1. You don't acknowledge the original source of the work [with complete, unbroken links] 

2. You don't give credit to the writer/author.

You are risking facing a copyright infringement case, plus Google will lash your blog with penalties and send it way down to the 1000th page in search.


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