Monday, September 5


The Last Episode of Roommates is a Smash Hit and We are so Proud of You!!!

by Gloria Ezeh


Yes guys!!! We did it!

Roommates Season 4 Finale is DNB's Most Shared in just a day! You guys are the bomb! We promise you all a hotter and more drama-filled Season 5!!!

All thanks to Daniel, and his large brain, and his long dick!

Yea, Glo Mama said it! And as you all already know, I am in the house already for the #AllNew Season 5!!!

Catch you all then...


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  1. Gloria don't disvirgin my ears o

  2. Hehehehehehe! *Death by Laughter*! Glo Mama, biko how did you get to know the last bit about Oga Dan?!!!

  3. Hahahahhahahahaahahahha

  4. Glo how u take knw say Dan prick long? Am suspecting u o

  5. The thing tire me... Glo! You just wan tell us say una don do-the-do... continue!


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