Wednesday, September 14


Straight Women Do Their Own Kissing...

Last week a group of young men, with different sexual orientations got together and kissed each other.

They were making a point about sexuality, and this week women decided to do the same.

Six female YouTubers got together; Stevie and Ashlee, who are gay, and Ansley, Laci, Claire and Mariah, who are heterosexual.

And they kissed each other.

And kissed each other...

Ok so there was a lot of kissing...

After the kiss, the women were asked how they felt.

Mariah said:

"You kiss anyone of the same sex or do anything with someone of the same sex, that identifies you as gay or a lesbian and I totally disagree with that."

"Sexual experience does not equal sexual orientation."

Watch the video below...


  1. You people have no problem,when a bag of rice is 25k in your country let's talk abi lets kiss.

  2. Been away for a bit no one missed me *sobs*


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