Tuesday, September 27


How to be a great wife?

by Gloria Ezeh

So I asked Daniel today: "How can I be a Great Wife?"

His answer below is quite an interesting one.

He said:

"If he already proposed to you, participated actively in planning a wedding, done the wedding, then the hell you are already a GREAT wife! And if you already said yes to his proposal, gone ahead and told your friends and family and finally became his wife, he's a damn great husband already too!

Go fry yourself some chicken and stop wanting more! Unless we are talking about money here, or for Nigerians a big bag of rice, more can be bad!

And, one more thing, stay away from the news about Nigeria's economy these days! It can lead to sudden divorce!"


  1. Danny's description is quite on point!

  2. Am I missing something? How is this answer good enough?

    1. I think what Dan is trying to say is that human beings can be insatiable. I stopped wanting more from my husband too when I discovered he has nothing more to offer. You can never really have it all in one person


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