Thursday, September 22


Ghana President links Migration in Africa to Frozen Chicken


President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana has said Africa does not need sympathy from the world nor overseas assistance in order to develop.

Even though majority of African countries depend heavily on foreign aid for budgetary support and developmental projects, President Mahama audaciously declared at the on-going 71st General Assembly that, Africa needs a fair chance to trade with the rest of the world instead of sympathy or overseas development assistance.

“Some of the young Africans who hazard the desert and Mediterranean Sea to cross to Europe from my country are young poultry farmers or other entrepreneurs who sell their shops and undertake the journey because they can no longer compete with the tons of frozen chicken dumped on African markets annually, or the adverse business environment they have to face. Africa does not need your sympathy or Overseas Development Assistance. Africa needs a fair chance to trade with the rest of the world and amongst ourselves,” he added.

He further called on colleague African leaders to build stronger economic ties to create a thriving business environment.

“We can achieve a lot in collaboration with the rest of the world and yet we must realize that a lot rests within our own capacity to achieve as Africans.”




  1. Let us believe in ourselves. Together we can reach greater heights

  2. A lot has gone wrong a whole lot.

  3. African leaders n citizens will not do it. Dey prefer foreign goods,saving money in swiss banks.own properties in other continents. Africans are well endowed to be helping other nations not them helping us.


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