Saturday, September 10


Feminists Should Calm Down...

by Daniel Nkado

Seeing the recent massive bullying of writer Dave Hon over his “Why I’ll Never Date A Feminist” article, all I can say is WOW!!!

As is the DNB tradition, I’m going to keep this really short and straight to the point.

One-sided feminists should calm down. There is no war going on between men and women …yet.

If you’ve had a bad experience with a man before, there are also many men who've had terrible experiences with women too.

There are as much bad women as there are bad men.

These evils should be spoken against, very true, but really bundling up a whole gender into something to be loathed is unacceptable.

The society is not fair, never either to any gender. Nobody is having it really easy here!

There are women crises and there are also men crises too.

Women cry, men cry also. You might not see tears easily, but it’s very true.

And, we are in the 21st century, so if you really want to become a man so as to begin enjoying all these so-called male privileges, then welcome on board. No issues at all.

Meanwhile, back to watching Norbit and thinking it is a really brilliant comedy because it is a woman doing all the beating.


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  1. Hahhaahaaa! Some women now think feminists means lesbians. I weep

  2. I will never date a feminist either... So what's d fuss. I can't be in a relationship with somebody who constantly feels having a d*ck is a privilege.

  3. “Men should stop treating feminists like ladies, and instead treat them like the men they say they want to be.”


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