Tuesday, August 16


Why You Should Advertise Your Business on DNB Stories

by Victor Uma

Our Ad fetching is wonderful!

Forget page views or Alexa ranking, what online advertisers should be more concerned about is really AD IMPRESSIONS.

A site with a billion page views and poor ad impression is useless to your business.

Ad impressions is the rate at which your ad is shown to a site’s visitors.

It makes no sense advertising on a site with hundreds of thousands of views, yet nearly half of them fail to notice your ad post or banner.

That is the true definition of waste of resources.

At DNB Stories, your ad is shown to whoever comes to our site, regardless of the device they are browsing with!

This unbeatable feat is attained by our impeccable site design, swift loading speed, and fresh and original content.

Think of it as a newspaper wraparound! Everyone sees your business!

Take charge today and help your business to a whole new height!


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