Sunday, August 21


Article: The Bible is Ridiculous!

Atheist and Blogger, Staks Rosch wrote:

Have you read the Bible? I mean really read it and not just flip around to the pages that your religious leader told you to or watched some mini-series on television telling you their version of the stories. I don’t know why, but those shows always leave out the best parts.

Where are the zombies?

When Jesus is crucified on the cross the Bible says that there were earthquakes and zombies (Matthew 27:50-53). What television producer in their right mind would leave out the most interesting part of the story? The thing is that the Bible is filled with stuff like this, like when God sent two bears to attack 42 children for calling a guy, “bald” (2 Kings 2:23-24).

Unfortunately, aside from the surprisingly large number of hilariously ridiculous stories like these, the Bible is pretty boring and that is probably why so few religious believers have ever actually read it.

Let me just say this: There is a reason why the Bible is the most recommended book by atheists. That reason is because it is boredom peppered with ridiculousness.


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  1. What version of the Bible did you read that have u zombies? One has to be careful with we read

  2. And brother DANIEL posted this for me to read and come back again?


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