Tuesday, August 30


Life Story: A Miraculous Cure of Cancer!

by Dr Wallace

I saw a woman in the Emergency Department with a cough.

She was on a round-the-world trip after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She had her medical file with her -- scans, reports and all.

I was a little concerned so I got a chest X-ray.

It was completely normal.

I showed it to the lady, and we both looked at each other in complete shock and confusion. I asked if she would mind having a CT scan.

The CT was normal too.

The radiologist looked at them. I phoned her physician in the UK. There was no doubt that this lady had once had terminal lung cancer, and in the 4 months of her trip, it had gone! She had had no treatment, nor taken any herbs or alternative meds. She had not changed her diet. She had not prayed (she was atheist, like me!).

Her immune system had simply, quietly ‘woken up’ to the tumour’s presence and exterminated it.

It was one of the most amazing moments of my career.

I wished her a happy trip and advised her not to fall overboard on the cruise.


Source: HelloDoc


  1. What exactly are you preaching?

    1. Nice story though I'm not African30 August 2016 at 15:15

      That there is always hope. The human physiology is far deeper than what we already know.

  2. Since it's a life story, I wish you the best.

  3. It's obvious d previous result wasn't hers. N someone with d cancer is actually going abt thinking he or she is free. Exactly what happened to Dora A.


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