Friday, August 12


Benjamin My Love

by Daniel Nkado

I love you so much, Benji.

So very much!

The soft hairs on your body make my skin tingle.

Your long, wet kiss feels like honey. Your eyes even when dim, send forth a frisson.

The way you call my name, strange but so very romantic.

The way you always rush to my rescue, eager to tell off my attackers, makes me want to melt.

The kind of warmth you offer, no one else can try.

Your faithfulness and commitment—unsurpassable.

Such a cute loving guy you are, my dear old Benjamin.

My prayers still and will ever remain, that you are always safe.

My long-held wish—that you hadn’t been just a dog…


  1. That name means a lot to me too, the bearer however isn't a dog but a dude that makes my heart skip each time its mentioned. BOA!

  2. All these for a dog? Nawa o so lovely

  3. What a name for a pet! But can dog be faithful?


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