Tuesday, July 26


8 Reasons Why We Love Michelle Obama!

Here are top 8 reasons it’s been Michelle all the way!

1. She looks extremely Nigerian

Did you see that hair?

2. She is cute, she’s smart and just everything a great woman should be!


3. She’s got a gorgeous smile too!

Swear by Amadioha you ain't tripping?

4. She treats Obama right!

He is our brother, but hey, we still jealous!

5. She gives great hugs

If I were that guy, I am not ever removing my coat again!

6. She loves ugu

And okro and ewedu too!

7. She is a dog lover too!

Call me Bingo! Woof-woof!

8. She loves DNB Stories!

She doesn’t know it yet but I know she’d soon will! Keep flaunting our color, girl!


  1. Hehehehehehehe! Infact oh, Michelle loves Okro and Ewedu. Don't worry Dan, dreams do come true if you truly believe and persevere.

  2. Hmmmmmm Danniee crushing on Michelle OK na. Waiting for Obama to respond

  3. If you can remember the position you slept on that night, You can re-enact the dream once again,warn anybody not to wake you up!

  4. Or you could just treat malaria. One of the symptoms is hallucinations. Lol. Dream on dude you never know.

  5. Someone's wife o. Stop crushing


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