Wednesday, April 20


Joke: A Woman's Tears

by Zeus

Don’t ever make a woman cry!

There is nothing more expensive than a woman’s tears.

When a single drop of tear comes out, it first mixes with L’Oreal Eyeliner—N7, 500 and then Revlon Mascara—N8, 500.

When it rolls down the cheek, it mixes with Estee Lauder Foundation—N11, 000, Zaron Blush—N15, 000 and Mac Powder—N19, 000.

Then, finally, when it touches the lips, it lands on Maybelline Lipstick—N12, 000 and Avon Lip Gloss—N5, 000.

A single drop of a woman’s tear is running for about N78, 000, so please, save resources and don't ever make her cry.

But you can make a man cry, it is only Vaseline—N150.


  1. But if you make her cry joyful cry,it cost nothing more than happiness ever after!

  2. What if she doesn't use all the stuff u mentioned? Hmm.

  3. Am team all natural. But don't dare make me cry. U will hear am

  4. hahahahaha hahahahaha lol natural is d best


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