Thursday, October 15


The Beauty of Africa in 21 Pictures!

by Staff writer

ompiled by Victor Uma for DNB Stories:


2Face Idibia - Africa

The Lion and its roar - Africa

Agbani Darego - Africa

The Great Hole - Africa

Brenda Fassie - Africa

The Sabie Bridal Veil Falls - Africa

Chimamanda Adichie - Africa

Chinua Achebe - Africa

Desmond Tutu - Africa

The Great Elephant - Africa

Fela Kuti - Africa

Jollof Rice - Africa

Lake Malawi - Africa

Lake Victoria - Africa

Lucky Dube - Africa

Mariam Makeba - Africa

Mercy Johnson - Africa

Nelson Mandela - Africa

The Tough-Skinned Rhino - Africa

The Blazing Sunrise - Africa

Wole Soyinka - Africa

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