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My Lagos Sugar Mummy Diaries - 2

by Chuks Pope

Read the first part HERE.


Aunty Victoria was surprisingly inexperienced. Being with her felt like being with a virgin.

I used to hear some of my guys mention the reason they go for older women as being their tendency to be more experienced.

Wednesday, October 16


The 3 most disappointing albums by Beyoncé ever!

by Staff writer

One thing we can all agree on is that when it comes to music, Beyoncé is a god!

There is perhaps only one living person that has been able to match her super-impressive chart feats over the years.

Tuesday, October 15


8 common problems of Nollywood movies

by Staff writer

The Nigerian movie industry Nollywood represents the largest film industry in Africa and the second in the world (in terms of output).

About 50 Nollywood movies are released every week.

But, as in most scenarios, quantity does not always mean quality.

Sunday, October 13


Slum life in Lagos State - A pitiable situation

by Staff writer

Victoria Island, with its high-rise apartments, gleaming streets, and exclusive boutiques, is easily one of the plushest areas of Lagos State.

But only a few miles away from the lavish Victoria, calamity resides.

Saturday, October 12


5 reasons Africans believe JUJU is real

by Staff writer

Juju refers to the belief in African magic. It is the belief in magical powers brought on by supernatural elements like gods, charms, and deities.

Juju belief is very strong in West Africa. Almost all Nigerians believe juju is real -- in fact, it appears to be the common ground for all religions in Nigeria.

Friday, October 11


The night my wife caught me masturbating ...

by Mr. Anonymous

When my fiancée decided to move in with me, she had no idea just how often I masturbated.

We were both about 23 years in age and have been together for a while. Sex with her was always amazing, but nothing close to how I feel after a good jerk. I've always thought that nobody can give me the kind of pleasure I can offer myself, so I kept on with my little old habit.

Tuesday, October 8


8 well-paying jobs in Nigeria that don't require a college degree

by Staff writer

Gone are the days having a university degree was seen as the basic requirement for success.

With the number of non-graduate millionaires we have in the country today, more people are starting to see there is more to making money than completing a degree.

Monday, October 7


How Nigerians can easily travel to and work in Canada

by Staff writer

This article is about how Nigerians can easily travel to and work in Canada.

Nigerians with adequate work experience and skills can easily immigrate to Canada using the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program.

Friday, October 4


5 annoying things Nigerians do on their Whatsapp stories

by Uchennaya

The emergence of social media has simplified communication, sort of. But Nigerians have a tendency of overdoing things, don't we?

Today, more than 1 billion people all over the world use WhatsApp daily.

Thursday, October 3


Skoochies - The new popular party drink in Lagos!

by Staff writer

Skoochies (also spelt scoochies) is a local cocktail of alcohol and weed.

Skoochies is becoming increasingly popular in Lagos parties. Fresh reports now show the cocktail is served in almost all young-people parties in Lagos, including ones held by celebrities.


8 most common crimes in Lagos

by Staff writer

Nigeria's megacity, Lagos, faces numerous security challenges, ranging from petty to very serious crimes.

Though security in the state has been beefed up in recent times, pointers still exist to show a lot still needs to be done.

Wednesday, October 2


My experience with a sugar mummy in Lagos

by Chuks Pope

A sugar mummy is an older woman who dates a younger person that she spends money on. This younger person may be male or female (if the sugar mummy is gay).

Usually, sugar mummies are successful women or women who have good access to money. With this money, they can entice any young person they want.

Tuesday, October 1


Lagos and other cities at risk of being partially submerged - New report

by Staff writer

Goldman Sachs has released a terrifying report on the impact of climate change on major cities across the world.

In the grim 34-page report, major world cities like Lagos (Nigeria), Tokyo and New York were highlighted as being at risk of being partially submerged.

Sunday, September 29


8 surprising FACTS about Nigeria you've never heard of

by Staff writer

Nigeria is an outstanding country, even though the West African giant is yet to reach its full potential.

Despite its multitude of challenges (Nigeria sure has a lot of problems), the country still remains one of the top 3 countries in Africa, based on the economy, popularity, and esteem.

Saturday, September 28


The cost of getting teeth scaling and polishing done in Nigeria

by Staff writer

Times are changing and more and more Nigerians are taking dental treatments seriously.

Not many people are born with perfect and straight white teeth. But the good thing is that almost all dental issues can be effectively corrected and treated.

Misaligned teeth can be corrected with braces. Cavities can be filled with Amalgam, or other dental filling materials.

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Thursday, September 26


8 annoying things that happen at Nigerian weddings

by Daniel Nkado and Mosope Sotade

Weddings are a huge thing in Nigeria and it doesn't matter which tribe is involved.

Whether from the North, South, East or West, Nigerians don't take weddings lightly. The reason it could take over a year to plan a single Nigerian wedding.

If you've ever attended any Nigerian wedding, then you'd know how drama-filled it gets.

Here are 8 things about Nigerian weddings that can be very annoying:

1. Buying aso-ebi materials

"Aso-ebi" is a Yoruba word that literally translates to "Family Clothing".

Usually, when someone is planning a wedding in Nigeria, every member of their family is involved. The bride will choose a piece of fabric and, in some cases, jewelry too, which the entire family must have to pay for and wear on the wedding day.

For some big weddings, there might be up to two or three aso-ebi materials and each family member, no matter how poor you are, must ensure they buy the fabric.

The annoying thing about aso-ebi is that the materials can be overwhelmingly expensive.

2. Guests are more interested in the food

In Nigerian weddings, the most important aspect is, surprisingly, the food. This is the reason many of the guests never join the wedding service and will only show up at the reception -- because that's where all the eating and drinking happen.

Things can even escalate easily and you see people fighting for food.

3. Annoying aunties

Aunties occupy an important niche in Nigerian families. Some of them have acquired master's degrees in tormenting the younger members of the family. You can read this post about Nigerian aunties to get a feel of what we are talking about.

We usually avoid situations that will bring us in close proximity to our aunties, but weddings are a peculiar case and there's no hiding from an aunty here. Not when they are usually the major coordinators of the wedding event.

Usually, they are the ones running the show, so it'll only be in your best interest to behave well and obey whatever they say.

Some of the annoying things Nigerian aunties do are:

a. Asking about marriage plans

b. Talking about your performance in school or at work in public

c. Using your personal stuff without seeking your permission

d. Publicly sharing embarrassing things you did in childhood

4. Favoritism during refreshment

This is probably why aso-ebi is so important. It is the one thing that confirms to the food and drinks and souvenir sharers that you are related to the family and hence should be served well.

Woe betide you if you attend a Nigerian wedding without knowing anybody. You will likely not eat or have anything to drink, let alone going home with a souvenir.

5. The wedding thieves

Some people do not really come to the wedding to celebrate with the bride and groom. They are there only to restock their refrigerators at home.

Women are more guilty of this. You see those women coming to the wedding reception with unusually big handbags? They are the ones to suspect.

6. The Amebos

These are the "bad belle" people whose only reason for coming to the wedding is to talk about the groom and criticize the outfits and food.

They are usually past friends of the bride or groom mired in jealousy.

7. Bridesmaids trying to outshine the bride

At Nigerian weddings, nobody wants to carry last.

A lot of the unmarried people at the wedding are hoping to get hitched too. Even the bridesmaids. Usually, the bridesmaids are supposed to look good, but you can always tell the ones with a mission to steal the bride's shine.

They just want to be noticed at all times. This can be fun sometimes, but not when they overdo it.

8. Drunk uncles

Some men cannot handle free drinks. Drink-loving uncles at weddings can get easily overwhelmed by all the free drinks.

They'd end up drinking too much and effectively ruins the party with their distasteful drunk behaviour.


Daniel Nkado and Mosope Sotade contributed to this article.

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Stella Damasus and Chika Unigwe argue about Lupita Nyong'o's role in Americanah

by Staff writer

News of Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o playing the lead character Ifemelu in the much-anticipated on-screen adaptation of Chimamanda’s bestseller, Americanah, has been generating a lot of controversy among Nigerians since the past week.

A lot of Nigerians are criticizing the casting of Lupita as Ifemelu, suggesting the role should have gone to a Nigerian actress who, according to them, is going to get the role and accent right.

Friday, September 20


21 annoying things Nigerians do all the time!

by Staff writer

As a Nigerian, I can assure you that we are not normal.

It could be a big struggle living among ourselves daily.

The good news is that even with our many faults, it appears we have finally mastered a way to function within ourselves.

Photos of Jollof Rice prepared with rat meat goes viral

by Staff writer

There is really no limit to the type of meat jollof rice can be prepared with, whether chicken, beef or lamb.

But when someone chose to go the extra mile and use rat meat instead, things got out of hand. The internet couldn't stop talking about the combo.

Thursday, September 19


10 English phrases that mean an entirely different thing in Nigeria

by Staff writer

If you are Nigerian or know about the country, then you should know that the Nigerian brand of English can be quite different from standard English.

In fact, there is a good reason the Nigerian pidgin is called "Broken English" by Nigerians.

Wednesday, September 18


The story behind Tiwa Savage's new song title "49-99"

by Staff writer

Nigerian music diva this month released her much-anticipated single "49-99".

The single is Tiwa's official single this year, after her waves-making collaboration with DJ Spinall and Wizkid on "Dis Love".


8 things you need to know before planning to visit Lagos

by Staff writer

Are you planning to visit what's probably the most interesting city in Africa?


Sit back and enjoy this article as we bring to you everything you need to know about Lagos State of Nigeria.

Monday, September 16


8 common problems of living in Lagos

by Staff writer

You live in Lagos -- great!

I understand there are some people (like me) who cannot function outside a big city like Lagos -- that is, only Lagos can offer them the kind of energy and vibe that matches their life's pace.

Thursday, September 12


Is South Africa's xenophobic attacks comparable to 'Ghana Must Go'

by Staff writer

Following the renewed xenophobic attacks against foreigners in South Africa, over 600 Nigerians have signed up for free evacuation back to Nigeria from South Africa.

Massive demonstrations last week in Pretoria and Johannesburg which targeted foreign-owned businesses left at least 12 people dead, News24 reports.

Wednesday, September 11


8 beard facts that will completely SHOCK you

by Staff writer

It is no longer news that having beards can increase a man's attractiveness.

A real study actually exists to prove this. The Australian study examined how facial hair influences people's judgments of "men's socio-sexual attributes".

In the study, women chose men with a heavy 10-day beard as the most attractive and both women and heterosexual men chose men with full beards as the best with perceived parenting skills.

Tuesday, September 10


7 fun things to do on a weekend in Lagos

by Staff writer

Lagos can be all things but definitely not dry. You can't be in Lagos and not be having fun. Don't think that is remotely possible.

After all the toiling of the weekdays, it is only necessary to take the weekend off, do some laundry and then find a fun thing to do.

Sunday, September 8


Short Story: How Amaka Disappointed Me

by Daniel Nkado

Amaka does not joke with her business.

This would be her 6th year in the industry and not a single dissatisfied customer yet. She had known a long time about the power of word-of-mouth referrals – the more satisfied customers she has, the more new and eager calls she gets.


6 ridiculous things we believed as children in Africa

by Staff writer

Growing up in Africa can be both fun and confusing.

There were a lot of weird superstitions flying around (I'm sure some are still are) and most times you don't have a choice than to believe them.

Saturday, September 7


The BEST pink lips balm and cream in Nigeria

by Uzonna Adi

So I just finally quit smoking but realized I faced another major challenge -- getting rid of my smoker's lips.

Smoker's lips are lips that have turned darker than how they used to be following months or years of consistent smoking.

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How Nigerians can travel to China as a tourist

by Staff writer

China is a top travel destination for Nigerians.

Getting the China tourist visa is pretty straightforward. Visa applications are rarely rejected by the Chinese Embassy of Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria, if all required documents are presented.

Tuesday, September 3


How to prepare the local Nigerian peanut butter at home

by Staff writer

Locally-made peanut butter has been a well-known Nigerian staple for decades.

The Igbos call it "ose oji" or "okwo ose", loosely translating to "pepper for kola" because it is often presented alongside kola nuts and/or garden eggs during events or to welcome visitors.

Monday, September 2


3 tips for Nigerian students going abroad to study

by Staff writer

On the surface, studying abroad looks really fun and straightforward – you pick what you want to study and choose a cool school and start preparing for your travel.

In reality, that's hardly the case. Behind all those glamorous Instagram pictures and beautiful landscapes is a constant struggle to remain focused.


Australian scholarship opportunities and offers for African students

by Staff writer

The Government of Australia offers numerous opportunities for scholarships, grants, and bursaries which can help support you financially with your studies in Australia.

Asides the government, Australian educational institutions, and a number of other public and private organizations also offer various scholarship opportunities.

Sunday, September 1


All transgender people MUST be sterilized - Court rules

by Staff writer

Compared to other Asian countries, Japan is relatively progressive when it comes to LGBT+ rights.

However, transgender people living in the country face numerous challenges.

Just earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Japan upheld a law that forces transgender people to get sterilized before they can legally change their gender.


The Inspiration That Is Bobrisky!

by Daniel Nkado

Some people still respond with a hiss when the name of Nigeria's (probably Africa's too) most famous transgender, Bobrisky, is mentioned.

But the truth remains that Bobrisky has done much more than any Nigerian her age in pushing social boundaries and challenging the raging hypocrisy of the society we live in.

Thursday, August 29


The FULL steps of getting the new Nigerian e-Passport

by Staff writer

The new Nigerian e-Passport is nothing like the old passport.

With the e-Passport, everything from your bio details to contact information is electronically charged. And there is now an option of getting the 10-year passport with more leaves instead of the regular 32-leaf, 5-year passport.