Monday, August 19


5 good countries Nigerians can visit without a visa

by Staff writer

Let's face it -- the Nigerian passport is super WEAK. As at the time of writing this post, the current mobility score of the Nigerian passport stands at a mere 49 -- meaning holders of the Nigerian passport can only visit about 49 countries without a visa.

Even so, most of these countries are places people do not dream of going.

Saturday, August 17


This is the donkey that sings "The Circle of Life"

by Staff writer

Perhaps the story of donkeys talking in the Bible is true after all.

In a video posted by a South Carolina man on Facebook, the man and his donkey pet were seen belting out The Lion King's opening track, “The Circle of Life.”

Thursday, August 15


"It is easier to be GAY in Saudi Arabia than be STRAIGHT"

by Staff writer

Saudi Arabia is well known for its strict stand against same-sex relations.

Just as in Sudan and Yemen, homosexuality is punishable by death under sharia law in Saudi Arabia. Homosexuals in Saudi Arabia live every day with the risk of being arrested, imprisoned and beheaded.

Monday, August 12


3 most medicinal Nigerian leafy vegetables!

by Staff writer

Before medicine went completely orthodox, our ancestors depended on herbs and roots to treat major illnesses.

Even now still, some of the drugs and therapies we take are synthesized from roots and herbs.

One thing our ancestors did very efficiently is pass down their knowledge of herbal treatments and their experience of what treats what to us

Their deductions may not have come from well-structured studies and experiments, but they are nonetheless super reliable. And today, even scientific studies are backing all their conclusions up!

Here are 3 top Nigerian vegetables with super-medicinal properties:

1. Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina)

Bitter leaf (called onugbu in Igbo language) is majorly popular in South-Eastern Nigeria where it is used to prepare a special Igbo soup called onugbu soup.

The vegetable is famous for its strong bitter taste, however, it remains common knowledge that whoever gets past this bitterness to down a full glass of bitter leaf juice is bound to reap tremendous health benefits.

Plucked bitter leaves are squashed between palms to bring out a juice that immediately stops bleeding when applied to a fresh cut.

Here are some of the health conditions bitter leaf has been known to be valuable for, most of them backed by science:

a. Malaria

b. Typhoid

c. Diabetes

d. Diarrhea/Stomach ache

e. Headaches (reduces headaches associated with hypertension)

f. Gallstones and kidney disease

g. Help fight prostate cancer

2. Utazi leaf (Gongronena latifolium)

Utazi is a spice vegetable grown in the humid forests of South-Eastern Nigeria.

Utazi leaves have been used over the years to treat major diseases and ailments. Many studies now exist to back the hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of utazi.

The English name of utazi is bush-buck leaf.

Health conditions utazi has been known to be valuable for include:

a. Fibroid problems

b. Infertility

d. Nausea

e. Cough, common cold, bronchitis, and other breathing illnesses

f. Skin problems

g. Stomach upset

The bark of the utazi plant also contains anti-ulcer properties.

3. Scent Leaf (Ocimum gratissimum)

Scent leaf is a well-distributed Nigerian vegetable used by almost every tribe in Nigeria.

Nigerian names for scent leaf are:

i. Efirin - Yoruba

ii. Nchuanwu - Igbo

iii. Daidoya - Hausa

Scent leaf (called basil in English) has been used extensively in the traditional system of medicine in not just Nigeria, but other parts of Africa.

Scent leaf has been used historically by the Igbo people of Southeastern Nigeria in the management of the baby’s cord, to keep the wound surfaces sterile. It is also used in the treatment of fungal infections, fever, cold and catarrh.

The leaves, rubbed between the palms and sniffed, are used by African children to bring nearly instant relief in cases of blocked nostrils.

Other conditions the scent leaf has been known to be valuable for include:

a. Abdominal pains

b. Sore eyes

c. Ear infections

d. Coughs

e. Fever

f. Convulsions

g. Menstrual problems

h. Efficient in the treatment of prolapse of the rectum


Please note that the medicinal qualities of these plants are mostly used in preventive cases or as an aid to orthodox medicine -- their use should not in any way appear as an alternative to prescribed medical treatment.

If you have any question about combining herbs with any drug you are on, please talk to your physician.

This post is provided for informational purposes only.

DNB Stories does not have the medical capacity to treat or diagnose any illness.

Wednesday, August 7


Jon Snow was actually crowned king in Game of Thrones Season 8

by Staff writer

While everyone was criticizing the final season of HBO's hit series, Game of Thrones, we all perhaps have missed this very important detail in the season.

That three (not two) Starks were actually crowned rulers.


Sorry iPhone users, Apple is no longer the KING of smartphones!

by Staff writer

Not-so-great news for iPhone users! All reports point to the view that Apple is losing its grip on the smartphone market.

Apple has slipped to 4th place in the list of world's top smartphone makers after record drop in iPhone sales around the world.

Friday, August 2


See the most expensive hotel in Lagos, Nigeria

by Staff writer

Africa's biggest city, Lagos Nigeria, boasts of some of the classiest and most stylish hotels in Africa.

The question of which Lagos hotel is the most expensive has been a contentious issue for long, especially because some hotels have been known to offer super-expensive rooms alongside their standard rooms.

Wednesday, July 31

Monday, July 29


Real reasons I hate feminism - Two men share their thoughts

by Allen Lobo

I don’t hate feminism. Because to hate something, I must have at least an ounce of esteem for it.

No, I am disgusted by it and have nothing but contempt left for Western feminism because of the sick joke that it has come to be in merely the last few years.

Sunday, July 28

Saturday, July 27


Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson and Idris Elba are all CATS in upcoming movie

by Staff writer

A new movie adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats is coming to the silver screen on 20 December 2019!

In addition to starring some of the biggest names in the movie and music industry, the film is also expected to feature all the songs from the original stage musical, including ‘Memory’.


Video blogger dies after eating live centipedes for traffic

by Staff writer

A China video blogger has died after making a video of himself eating centipedes and geckos.

According to the Daily Mail, the man known as "Sun" live-streamed himself on the video-sharing platform DouYu (China's equivalent of YouTube) on Thursday.

Friday, July 26


Is Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" colorist?

by Daniel Nkado

Beyoncé's "Brown Skin Girl" with WizKid and Blue Ivy is easily one of the most-liked tracks in The Gift album.

The song which is supposedly made to inspire Black people to like the skin they're born in had lyrics like:

Monday, July 22


We all thought she is her grandmother, but they are actually lovers!

by Staff writer

A 24-year-old YouTuber just married her 61-year-old girlfriend, who people earlier thought was her grandmother.

Julia Zelg and Eileen De Freest met each other on Tinder, and have been sweethearts ever since.

Saturday, July 20


Lupita Nyong’o dancing to 'Brown Skin Girl' is EVERYTHING we need

by Staff writer

“Brown Skin Girl” is easily the most-liked track in BeyoncĂ©’s new Lion King-inspired album: The Gift.

The track, brought to life by Nigerian WizKid, SAINt JHN and BeyoncĂ©’s 7-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, has been trending all over social media since its release.

Thursday, July 18


Viral FaceApp might be dangerous - Experts warn

by Staff writer

Almost everyone has used fun viral application FaceApp, including celebrities like Drake, Cardi B and the Jonas Brothers.

FaceApp has been giving people the power to change their facial looks and age for several years, but experts are now saying the app is not to be trusted.

Tuesday, July 16


All the African artists in Beyoncé's new 'Lion King' album

by Staff writer

American superstar Beyoncé has released the track list for her Lion King-inspired album, The Lion King: The Gift, and Africans have gone into frenzy.

The album, while featuring collaborations from top American stars like JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Pharrell, also featutres some of Africa's greatest sound makers.


Lady Gaga faces backlash after launch of beauty brand

by Staff writer

American star Lady Gaga is facing backlash after launching her beauty line exclusively on Amazon this week.

Lady Gaga's beauty brand, Haus Laboratories, is sold only on Amazon, making it the first major beauty brand to be sold exclusively by the e-commerce giant.

Sunday, July 14


Meghan Markle taking a photo with Beyoncé will cause drama, royal commentator says

by Staff writer

Buckingham Palace confirmed this week that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be joining BeyoncĂ© and other stars in Leicester Square in support of the new photo-realistic remake of Disney’s The Lion King.

But royal commentator Justin Sylvester has taken his time to warn the Duchess of Sussex against one particular move concerning Beyoncé.

Saturday, July 13


The Beyoncé scene in Lion King everyone is talking about!

by Daniel Nkado

Since the announcement of Beyoncé as the new voice of Nala in Disney's photo-realistic remake of The Lion King, both moviegoers and fans of the star have wondered if the character will get more lines in the remake than in the original, now that Beyoncé is playing it.


SHOCK as religious woman attends son's gay wedding wearing rainbow

by Staff writer

A pious Australian woman is making headlines after deciding to attend her son's wedding to his male partner.

Vanessa Hall, known for her deep commitment to Christianity, walked her son, Lachlan, down the aisle.

Friday, July 12


Everything you need to know about R Kelly's recent arrest

by Staff writer

American RnB singer R. Kelly was arrested in Chicago on Thursday night while walking his dog.

The singer is facing federal sex crime charges, including child pornography and obstruction of justice charges, sources said.


'Lion King is a disaster' - Bad reviews hit Disney's Lion King remake

by Staff writer

Despite the buzz it is creating, especially with Beyoncé voicing Nala, it appears not everyone is impressed with Disney's recent remake of the 1994 classic, The Lion King.

Most of the critics were first able to point out that the film is not actually a live-action remake but simply a photo-realistic remake, because no real lions were used.

Tuesday, July 9


Actually, you can't become rich by SAVING money

by Daniel Nkado

One of the most common pieces of advise people receive regarding achieving wealth is to SAVE MORE.

Look round the internet today, a lot of websites are filled with numerous tips and methods for saving money.

Sunday, July 7


Cardi B begs fans to return her wig

by Staff writer

During a heated performance at Finsbury Park in London on Friday, American rapper Cardi B pulled off her wig and hurled it into the crowd.

In a video clip of the incident, fans were seen going wild as they tried to grab the wig.

Saturday, July 6


5 countries with weird travel and visa laws

by Staff writer

Traveling is certainly one of the most exciting things humans can do. With all the benefits it holds, more and more people are advised to travel more.

Apart from the obvious thrill of stepping away from the daily grind, travelling exposes you to new events and experiences that help rewire your brain, boosting your mood and self-confidence.


United States of America Embassy Scholarship Award for Developing Countries USA

The application opens for US Embassy Awards Scholarships 2019. There are two classes of Award: US Embassy Awards Scholarships, to appreciate higher degree considers in Joined States at Masters level. In like manner, US Embassy Awards Short Courses, to see legitimately, managed equipped instructional classes, in the United States and moreover in Africa, in a dimension of advancement focused parts.
About the Award: United States Embassy Awards, an establishment of the US Government’s move help program for Africa, offer access to postgraduate heading, masterminding and gifted change open portals for fittingly qualified Africans from qualified countries. On their entry to the workplace, US Embassy Awards Alumni are depended upon to contribute feasible to advance in their countries of origin.
Offered consistently? Motivation behind truth
To be taken at: United States Universities.
Need Fields (changes by African nation)
  • Developing/Food Security
  • Planning
  • Flourishing
  • Open Policy (checking an open area coalition, open part change, trade, by and large insightful)
  • Normal Management
  • Ordinary Resource Management (tallying mining-related subjects)
  • Specific and Vocational Education and Training (open for Short Courses metaphorically)Basic (checking Natural Gas and Oil Technology)Foundation
  • Ordinary Resource Management
  • Transport (checking Ports, Roads and Airports Management)
Qualified Countries:
  • Point of repression: Varies by country (see interface underneath for specific country limit criteria)
  • You ought to be no under 25 and not more than 50 years of age at the date of your application.
  • You ought to be no under 25 and not more than 50 years of age at the date of your application.
  • You ought to have no under three (3) years’ related post graduate work obligation. This work understanding must be in a region fitting to your proposed field of study and to your work collusion make(e.g. open zone contenders should indicate open piece work association, and so forth). Inclination will be given to contenders with progressively central states of obligation.
  • You have, as a base, a Bachelors certificate (or the looking at) from a reasonable Institution of at scarcest 4 years in length with no not as much as an underneath normal Class Pass.
  • Bosses Degree Scholarships :Apply for Scholarship
    Understudy Scholarship Application Public division contenders must agree to Government of Nigeria bearing for government delegates wishing to apply for stipends.
    General society zone, private division and customary society contenders must give authentication of flawlessness of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) when they apply.
    You ought not starting at now hold, or be surveying for, a Masters degree.
    You should will make a formal promise to return to your present work following fulfillment of the regard.You should meet the general scarcest limit criteria for Australia Awards Scholarships – embrace the Australia Awards Scholarships plan handbook.
    Target Group:
    • You are a national of an African country. See country list underneath
    • You are an early or mid-business gifted working in the Public Sector, the Private Sector or a Non Government
    • Affiliation (Civil Society) in one of the recorded need fields of study.
    • You wish to fathom a Masters certificate in Australia in one of the recorded need fields of study. You can’t consider a Masters of Business Administration.
    • You have a reasonable vision for how you will use the data associated through the Masters qualification to revive system, sharpen or preparing in the proposed field of study.
    Sexual introduction Equality: Australia Awards target level with help by women and men. Applications from women are unequivocally associated with, and wraps are set up to help women hopefuls and Awardees.
    Need Inclusion: Australia Awards intend to ensure that people with an insubstantial quality are given reasonable and indistinct opportunity to take after and get a permit.
    Applications from people with a shortcoming are unequivocally engaged. Frameworks are set up to reinforce contenders and Awardees requiring specific help.
    Number of Scholarships: Up to 10,000
    Estimation of Scholarships: This is a Full government dealt with surrender
    Investigate of Scholarship: For the length of the program
    Select your country of root. Take after the specific heading on the page.Supporters: US Embassy Awards in Africa, an advancement of the United States Government.

President Donald Trump USA Embassy Scholarships for International and African Students In USA, 2019

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, yesterday reinforced the US Embassy Scholarship for African understudies, knowing the path that there are distinctive picked and talented, low-pay understudies the world over, who generally require cash related resources and access to information to better their illuminating future. For quite a while now, the United States Embassy, US should need to see conveniently qualified and in a general sense vivacious, low-pay understudies the world over to join the Education in USA.
The US Embassy will work vigorously through their operators with understudies reliably spared get-together and classes to help them all through the application structure to get insistence and gifts to go to schools and universities in the United States. The expense for application process is strengthened, including enlistment charges for required organised examinations and gives free help to the U.S. Getting ready.
Application Deadline: Not Specified
Course Type: Scholarships are available to look for after (Undergraduate, MBA and Postgraduate) program.
Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded in the field of study offered by the enabling schools. Tendency will be given to the most qualified contender whose survey consolidates Africa.
Give can be taken in the USA
Number of Scholarship: not chose
Give Benefits:
1. The University Composition Fee at the fitting rate
2. An upkeep stipend for a single understudy ($14,900 for a year at the 2018 rate; competent rata for courses shorter than a year)
3. One economy single airfare at both the begin and end of the course
4. Inbound visa costs and the expense of the Immigration Health Surcharge
5. Informational change supporting – from $500 to $2,000, subject to the length of your course, to go to get-together and courses.
6. Family stipend – up to $10,120 for a first youth and up to $4,320 for a second adolescent. No financing is obliged a frill
Give Eligibility Criteria:
Nations Eligible to Apply: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, South Africa, Namibia, Nigeria, Botswana, Cameroon, Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Comoros, Congo(Republic), Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, , Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, , Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Mauritania, Niger, North Sudan, Republic of Guinea, South Sudan
Note: All application should be submitted online before the application due date

Friday, July 5


Americans are having less babies - Here's why...

by Staff writer

The US birthrate has hit an all-time low, confirming survey results that millenials are having less children.

According to a new CDC report, the current birthrate in America is the lowest it has been in 32 years and the major reason for this is that more people are realizing kids are too expensive.

Wednesday, July 3


'It happened in March' - Senator Elisha reacts to adult toy shop incident

by Staff writer

A video showing a Nigerian senator, Elisha Abbo, beating up a lady in a sex toy shop has surfaced online.

Senator Elisha Abbo was elected this year into the Senate, representing Adamawa-North senatorial district.

Monday, July 1


Busy programmer designs chatbot to talk to his girlfriend while he's at work

by Staff writer

Talk about desperate times requiring desperate measures -- an young Asian man has created a highly innovative solution to his girlfriend's frequent complaining of his not devoting time to her.

Li Kaixiang, a Chinese software engineer, took his time to create an entire chatbot that will be chatting with his girlfriend while he is away at work.

Sunday, June 30


Catholic Church bans priests from being alone with children

by Staff writer

Following the many instances of ordained priests molesting young children, the Montreal Catholic archdiocese has released a statement forbidding priests from being alone with children.

In an attempt to foster a “healthy and safe environment” in its churches, the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Montreal has announced new guidelines to ensure priests and lay workers are never alone with children.

Saturday, June 29


Google offers man who created viral Juneteenth doodle a job!

by Staff writer

When artist Davian Chester decided to call out internet giant, Google, online, he didn't know he was on the path to landing his dream job.

Chester, 26, called out Google for not creating a doodle to mark June 19, just like they do for other important dates.

Friday, June 28


Inside The Mind Of A Rapist - What most rapists think

by Daniel Nkado

It is sad that at this time still, with all the awareness and information flying around, people still tend to trivialize rape.

Following a rape story, people still boldly turn the focus on the victim’s behavior, instead of dealing with the actual sex offender.

Twitter apologizes to ‘God’ after suspending his account over LGBT tweet

by Staff writer

There is an account on Twitter that goes by the name "God" known for posting satirical pieces about religion.

“God” is back on Twitter after being suspended for an LGBT he made during Pride month.

Wednesday, June 26

Tuesday, June 25


Young man from Wole Soyinka’s flight incident replies Tonye Cole

by Staff writer


So Nigerian oil mogul, Tonye Cole, was on-board an airplane with Professor Wole Soyinka, one of Africa's biggest literary heads, who Cole was clearly a fan of, when an incident occurred.

According to Cole's narration of the event on his Instagram, a young man he described as 'muscled' and wearing a 'baseball cap' with a tattooed arm had disrespected the revered Prof.

Saturday, June 22


Churches want TB Joshua banned in Israel

by Staff writer

Prophet TB Joshua, easily one of the biggest miracle pastors in Nigeria, was scheduled to have a 2-day power crusade in Mount Precipice, Nazareth, on June 23 and 24.

But Israeli churches, Islamic clerics and political groups have teamed up to say they don't want Nigeria's king of miracle in their country.

Thursday, June 20


Remembering Kalief Browder, who committed suicide after unjust detention in prison

by Daniel Nkado

Young man Kalief Browder is probably the face of the failed justice system of America and many other nations really -- a position nobody wants to occupy.

Kalief Browder was just 16 when he was arrested, over allegations of robbery. It was said that he had stolen a backpack.

Saturday, June 15

Wednesday, June 12



by Staff writer

Yagi Records act Lil Kesh returns with this energetic new beat which features his former music boss Olamide, friend Davido and new sensation Naira Marley.

Americans with unoccupied homes to begin paying tax to support the homeless

by Staff writer

The number of homeless people in Los Angeles has been growing rapidly in the past few years.

It is now estimated that more than 36,000 people in the city do not have a roof over their heads -- yet many of the city's house owners leave their properties empty and unoccupied.

Saturday, June 8


When my ex became rich and famous, I thought I was going to die!

by Liz B.

My name is Liz.

I am probably one of the oldest readers of this blog. Those days when DNB was still DNB. When we cried during "Love and Other Things" and laughed hysterically to the antics of "The Village Girl". When we took bravery by the balls and followed "Ebubedike" into the magical land of the dwarfs. Such sweet, old memories!

Friday, June 7


Two lesbians beaten blue-black in London bus for refusing to kiss men

by Staff writer

Two lesbian women had been left seriously beaten and bloodied in a London night bus for refusing to kiss men.

One of the women, Melania Geymonat, shared a photograph of herself and her girlfriend Chris covered in blood after they were set upon by a group of four men in the early hours of May 30.

Wednesday, June 5