Thursday, February 27


'I slept with my boss and it cost me my marriage'

This true-life story has been edited to reflect the content standards of DNB Stories.

Story shared by JNO, penned by Daniel Nkado:

My name is Janet. No, you can’t call me Jane; I hate that name now. It is what my husband used to call me (which I really loved), but I can’t bring myself to hear anyone call me that now. Not after what I did.

You see, I’m a very complex woman - exactly why I married a very simple man in the first place.

Monday, February 24


Why did Katy Perry collapse on set of American Idol?

by Staff writer

Singer and Idol judge Katy Perry felt faint and dropped to the floor during the premiere of the recent season of American Idol.

We certainly can assure you it wasn't the cringe-worthy first-round auditions which were awful enough to make any judge faint.

Thursday, February 20


Doctors discover chloroquine is effective against Coronavirus

by Staff writer

Results of clinical trials have confirmed that chloroquine is an effective treatment for coronavirus disease.

Chloroquine Phosphate is one of the earliest antimalarial drugs made, reportedly being in circulation for over 70 years.

Wednesday, February 19


Thanos may be BACK in Marvels' new film - 'The Eternals'

by Staff writer

Avengers: Endgame closed with Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers defeating Thanos.

There are now fresh reports that the defeat in Endgame won't be the last time Marvel fans will be seeing Thanos.

Friday, February 14

Wednesday, February 12


English names for garri, zobo and other Nigerian foods

by Miz Tee

Nigeria is perfectly multilingual. Most of the names we call our foods are derivatives and sometimes cannot be traced to just one Nigerian language.

Trying to find the perfect English names for most Nigerian foods has sort of always created controversy.

Tuesday, February 11


Adele shows off dramatic weight loss at Beyoncé's Oscars party

by Staff writer

Beyoncé and her billionaire husband Jay-Z's threw the most star-studded Oscars party in history.

The party which took place at the prestigious Chateau Marmont Hotel, Los Angeles, had almost as much as big names in attendance as the Oscars main event itself.

Saturday, February 8


My Nigerian sugar mummy wanted to kill me

Story shared by Obyno One, penned by Daniel Nkado

The first time I had something to do with an older lady was back in 2008, or so. It was in Awka, the capital city of Anambra State.

I was a 26-year-old, 300-level student of UNIZIK. One of the Management courses I was taking then required each of us to visit a government office and talk to a manager.

Thursday, February 6


Onyeka Onwenu wins copyright case, to receive N500K in damages

by Staff writer

Back in 2018, veteran Nigerian singer and actress sued digital music and movie distribution company, iROKING for violating a copyright agreement.

According to Onwenu's case file, iROKING had continued to profit from sales of her music after their 2-year contract ended.

Tuesday, February 4

Saturday, February 1

Thursday, January 30


5 reasons Bambooks is the best digital library in Africa

by Daniel Nkado

If you are looking for a way to get hold of and digest all your favourite titles and still considering driving or taking a bus to Obalende and sweating through the rowdy stalls of Balogun market looking for a book store that has something more than just Primary School texts, just know that your mates have moved on and left you behind.

Wednesday, January 29


Media organization accused of racism after cropping out image of African girl

by Staff writer

Vanessa Nakate is a Ugandan climate activist who has been spearheading a climate preservation movement in her home country in Uganda since 2018.

Growing up in Uganda's capital and largest city, Kampala, Nakate started her environmental activism after becoming concerned about the unusually high temperatures in her country.

Monday, January 27


African woman may have contracted the coronavirus, health officials fear

by Staff writer

An unnamed woman from Ivory Coast who travelled to China is currently being tested for the coronavirus.

Health officials are dealing with a suspected case of coronavirus in Ivory Coast, the country's health ministry has announced.

Sunday, January 26


Do performers at the Oscars get paid?

by Staff writer

Every year, over 3000 people including some of Hollywood's biggest stars troop to the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles to celebrate movies' biggest night: The Academy Awards (aka Oscars).

The Dolby Theatre which seats around 3,400 people has been the venue of the Oscars since 2002.

Thursday, January 23


John Cena admits to being a cry baby

by Staff writer

On the screen, professional wrestler and actor John Cena is a tough boy as they come. But what if he is really not?

Cena, 42, who voiced the upbeat polar bear Yoshi in 2020 blockbuster "Dolittle" has admitted he's actually soft on the inside.

Tuesday, January 21


Top 100 Blogs in Nigeria by Feedspot

by Staff writer

Feedspot just released their comprehensive of list of "Top 100 Nigerian Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020" and (great news!) DNB Stories made the list!

Visit the Top 100 Nigerian Blogs and check out DNB Stories on spot 40.

Monday, January 20


The Pain of Being a Fine Boy in Nigeria

by Tobenna

To be honest, being a fine boy in Nigeria can be tough. It has more cons than pros.

The pros are few and far-fetched. Unfamiliar women can look at you and be nice to you and would want to talk to you. Some of them (the ones not thinking you are gay) will offer to buy you a drink or two. But it is usually the much older women that will approach you and sometimes openly declare their sexual interest.

Saturday, January 18


My experience ordering a cake from Cakes and Cream Lagos

by Simi Alabi

Different cake shops exist everywhere in Lagos. From mushroom stores to awesome walk-ins, there are a lot of choices to pick from. But the question is which one would you get the utmost satisfaction from?

I am a die-hard cake lover. From naked red-velvet to chocolate cakes, from vanilla to coconut cakes, from sponge cakes to pound cakes, from muffins to flourless cakes, name it! — I love them all.

Thursday, January 16


Can I be friends with my best friend's enemy?

by Gloria Ezeh and Daniel Nkado

This has remained one of the trickiest questions regarding friendships for a long time. The truth is that it has no simple answer.

If you ask me how okay it is to remain friends with someone who is not friends with your best friend, I'd tell you that it depends.

Wednesday, January 15


Top 8 Nigerian Tech Blogs To Look Out For In 2020

by Jude G. H

In recent years, Nigeria has come to be the center of technology in Africa and to be more specific, Lagos state is the greatest carrier of the tech space. Technology has come to be a popular niche giving not just information about technology and the latest news on it but also gadgets reviews and trends.

Tuesday, January 14


Life is harder for handsome men - New study

by Staff writer

It's usually the other way -- there have been previous studies to support that good-looking men make more money, are more likely to win over investors in a pitch meeting, and have a much easier time finding a mate.

Monday, January 13


Lupita Nyong'o and the two other biggest snubs at the 2020 Oscars

by Staff writer

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite has been trending on Twitter since the 2020 Oscars nomination list came out, in response to the almost all-white nominations.

In fact, the only person of colour that got a nomination in the four acting categories is Cynthia Erivo.

Sunday, January 12


Can you buy this laptop with two screens?

by Staff writer

The ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo notebook is a revolutionary tech product.

The magic behind laptop screens has always inspired awe -- now take a minute to imagine a notebook with not one, but TWO screens, functioning side by side.

Friday, January 10


How every man can last longer in bed

by Daniel Nkado

The first thing I'd tell anyone feeling anxious about how long they need to last while having sex is to calm the f***k down.

Perhaps you have been watching too many adult videos of couples having sex for hours or reading those scam internet articles of people testifying how they lasted 2 days after they consumed one magic concoction or herb. 


10 great Nollywood actors nobody remembers anymore

by Staff writer

Nobody stays relevant forever and no other industry establishes the truth of this saying better than the entertainment industry. There were Nollywood actors that dazzled our screens in the past that no one remembers of today.

Only a handful of actors have successfully transcended eras and have remained relevant to date. And in many cases, it is not just about what they did or not do -- some of them are just favoured.

Thursday, January 9


Writer comes for journalists who insulted Blue Ivy

by Staff writer

Beyoncé's 8-year-old daughter Blue Ivy has been in the face of several derogatory comments in the media before, most of them being about her close resemblance to her father, Jay Z.

Journalists K. Austin Collins and Violet Lucca got it hot from author and activist Mikki Kendall when they recently made mocking comments about Blue Ivy's looks.

Wednesday, January 8


Mercy Johnson's self-produced movie - 'The Legend of Inikpi' - is here

by Staff writer

Nollywood star actress Mercy Johnson now has a film production house called MJO TV Productions.

"The Legend of Inikpi" will be Mercy Johnson's first produced movie under her new film company.

Tuesday, January 7


Do slim men have bigger penises? Here is what science has to say...

by Staff writer

If you are Nigerian, there is a high possibility you would know about the widespread belief about slimmer men having bigger members.

According to this long-held belief, leaner men with flat buttocks normally have bigger phalluses. So common is this public opinion that it has inspired an actual research study.

Sunday, January 5


7 Nollywood movies with the most sex and nudity

by Staff writer

Nigeria is an extremely conservative country and Nollywood movies with a lot of sex scenes and nudity easily create controversy.

The irony is that while such movies are usually met with heavy public criticism, they still sell the most. Talk about hypocrisy!

Saturday, January 4


How to get the correct ZIP code for Nigeria

by Staff writer

The postal department of the United States uses ZIP codes to specify locations. But unlike the US, Nigeria does not use this ZIP code system.

The closest to ZIP codes we have in Nigeria is the Nigerian postal codes. While the US ZIP codes have five digits, the Nigerian postal codes have six.

Friday, January 3


Love Story: The Sexist Man I Fell In Love With

by Daniel Nkado

My boyfriend, Okolo, is a proud man. As proud as a Yoruba boy with newly dyed hair.

The first day we met, after several weeks of Facebook messages, he’d stopped just in front of my house to dial my number.

Thursday, January 2

Tuesday, December 31


7 most revered masquerades in Igbo land

by Daniel Nkado

Masquerades are a major part of Igbo culture.

In the past, masquerades were not just used for entertainment; they served political roles too. They stood as custodians of village and clan laws. Anybody who broke the law risk being visited by a masquerade.

Monday, December 30


Depression Series: "I Hate To Be Here"

Obi Ray stood at the centre of his room talking to himself again. He’s been doing that a lot lately.

He ran one palm across his sweaty forehead and cast his eyes to the wall. His eyes were red. For a while now, he’s been finding everything meaningless. It got worse when his third album couldn’t make it past a few online downloads. His frustration drew his voice out loud.

Friday, December 27


Short Story: Last Christmas In My Village

by Daniel Nkado

The harmattan wind blew in a strange way. It is cold but very dry, like winter in a desert.

In harmattan, mornings are usually quiet. Everyone is apparently more concerned about what to cover up with, or what softening balm to apply to their drying lips, than looking for what to say. In fact, some, like me, come down with a burnt throat in harmattan, making speech extremely undesirable.

Wednesday, December 25


All you need to know about the Lagos Eat Drink Festival

by Staff writer

The Lagos Eat Drink Festival has grown to become one of the biggest food festivals in Nigeria. The event which debuted in 2015 is renewed for its 5th season this year.

The Lagos Eat Drink Festival is the ultimate show for food lovers who are looking to get access to the most mouthwatering dishes and sweet and savory drinks the city has to offer.

Tuesday, December 24


5 obvious signs he is not serious about you

by Staff writer

It's always best to have a relationship defined from the onset -- it helps you know where you stand. There have been cases of two people being together for a really long time, acting all lovey-dovey, and then something comes up one day and one of them goes: "Why are you acting like we are dating or something?"

Monday, December 23


State Government shuts down Quilox nightclub in Lagos

by Staff writer

One of the biggest and most expensive nightclubs in Nigeria, Club Quilox has been shut down by the state's environmental agency.

The club, which is located in Victoria Island, Lagos, was reported to have been sealed by the state’s government for polluting the environment with their activities.

My experience visiting Tarkwa Bay Beach in Lagos

by Elizabeth Nana

Hydrophobia -- that's the term to describe people like me who are scared of water. I've always avoided anything beach, but when Ami called again and shouted "you must go o" on the phone, I knew there was no escaping this one.

You see, there is one very important thing to note about this beach trip -- it was a plea gesture.

Sunday, December 22


Aaron Sunday plays terrifying gangster on new web series, "Before Dawn"

by Staff writer

If you missed him as Brian in Gina & Friends, you probably would know him as the sly Tunji in the hit Africa Magic series, Unbroken.

Recently awarded the "Most Promising Actor of the Year" by African Choice Awards, 
Aaron Sunday is moving at an impressive speed in his acting career.


8 most talked about Nigerians this year

by Staff writer

Despite a slow start, 2019 turned out to be a really BIG year for news-hungry Nigerians.

From celebrity scandals and reality TV drama to massive political controversies, gist lovers cannot say 2019 has not been great.

Thursday, December 19


Uzo Aduba will play 'Aunty Uju' in upcoming Americanah series

by Staff writer

Uzo Aduba will join actress Lupita Nyong'o in the anticipated TV adaptation of Chimamanda Adichie's best-selling novel, Americanah.

News of Aduba's casting comes after Harriet actor Zackary Momoh joined the series.

Wednesday, December 18


Top 7 dating apps used by Nigerians

by Staff writer

Online dating seems to be the real deal now -- almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Nigerians have been heavy internet users from the beginning so it makes sense that some of these dating apps have a huge number of Nigerian users.