Thursday, November 21


I was born in a small Nigerian village, today I'm a DOCTOR

Story penned by Daniel Nkado, inspired by Dr. Ekenedilichukwu's real-life story

I realized how poor we were when I was about 8 or so. The slender, short-haired Miss at the Community School was always asking me to go home.

Today, I asked her, "Maka gini? Why?", not understanding.

Monday, November 18


Places to buy gelato in Nigeria

by Staff writer

After DJ Cuppy's viral gelato moment, there's hardly any Nigerian now who does not know about the Italian frozen dessert.

In the short clip which quickly went viral, Cuppy and her billionaire dad, Otedola, were seen enjoying cones of gelato while revealing how they had had to make a stopover in Italy just to get the dessert.

Sunday, November 17


10 greatest Nollywood movies ever made!

by Staff writer

The Nigerian film industry (aka Nollywood) may have become notorious for churning out less-than-impressive movies at an alarming rate, but that doesn't mean there aren't Nollywood projects that really wowed us bone-deep.

These 10 movies listed below have all the features of a great African movie: great story, great acting and a fantastic premise.

Saturday, November 16


Video of Wizkid 'rocking' Tiwa Savage at One Africa Music Fest gets fans talking

by Staff writer

Almost all Nigerian artists are currently in Dubai for the 2019 One Africa Music Fest.

The concert, which is certainly one of UAE's top music events, saw performances from top African and Nigerian artistes, including Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, and Betty G.

Friday, November 15


Nigerian Model, Tolani Enwereji Walks International Runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

by Staff writer

Former Miss Independence for Peace (2015) Tolani Enwereji has made another big mark in the modeling industry as she walks the international runway at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2019.


South African men are stripping to their underwear and you should join them

by Staff writer

South Africa's Rugby stars are flooding Instagram with pictures of them wearing just underwear.

It may seem weird, like many things men do, but trust me, this one is for a good reason.

Thursday, November 14


These Nike medical sneakers are EVERYTHING!

by Staff writer

Top American footwear brand Nike just released an entire collection of sneakers specifically designed for medical personnel.

Called the Nike Air Zoom Pulse, the sneakers are designed for extra comfort and targeted at medical workers like nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

Wednesday, November 13


Why the person you love doesn't love you back

by Daniel Nkado

This is probably one of the most asked questions on the Internet today, regarding dating and relationships.

I've read some of the answers to it, provided by the so-called professionals and relationships experts and, you must believe me, some of them are funny.

Tuesday, November 12


Read why this elephant has been nicknamed "Bin Laden"

by Staff writer

An Indian elephant's murderous instinct has led to it being named after the late Al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden.

The elephant has killed five Indian villagers in the space of 2 months, leading to locals dubbing it "Bin Laden".

Monday, November 11

Sunday, November 10


3 things to learn from the #KFCProposal case

by Staff writer

It all started with a smiling South African man proposing to his heartthrob at a KFC outlet in South Africa.

The beautiful couple looked so cute and happy in the video of the proposal, attracting lovely congratulatory messages -- except ONE.

Saturday, November 9

Friday, November 8

Thursday, November 7


Genevieve Nnaji reacts to Lionheart's Oscar ban

by Staff writer

Genevieve Nnaji's produced and directed movie Lionheart was the film Nigeria submitted for Oscar's "International Feature" consideration.

Lionheart was the first film ever to be submitted to the Oscars by Nigeria, but instead of the joyous news of a nomination Nigerians desperately hoped for, the Academy disqualified the submission instead.

Wednesday, November 6


Network providers with the best data plans in Nigeria

by Staff writer

Data subscriptions can be quite expensive in Nigeria. Some Nigerians spend over 10K a month on data subscriptions alone.

This amount can be "too much" if you are a student or without a well-paying job.

Tuesday, November 5


Entry fees for all the beaches in Nigeria

by Staff writer

There are dozens of beaches and resorts in Nigeria. There are over 15 beaches and resorts in Lagos State alone.

Thousands of Nigerians visit these beaches and resorts every month. But not all beaches in Lagos are free to enter.

Sunday, November 3

Saturday, November 2


How to have great sex with your partner in Nigeria

by Miz Tee

Most Nigerian couples do not believe sex needs so much preparation. You'd only need to hear the kind of places and conditions people have had sex at to understand what I am talking about.

Not saying unplanned and spontaneous sex is wrong (it can be magical on its own), yet, nothing beats a correctly planned sex.


Bad day for African crocodile as 11-year-old girl teaches it a lesson

by Staff writer

Last week, an 11-year-old African girl did something most adults wouldn't do.

Rebecca Munkombwe, 11, went head to head with an African crocodile to rescue her friend who was being attacked.

Audience seeing the Joker movie flees the cinema after chaos

by Staff writer

It was a bad theater experience for movie-goers in Paris last week when they were forced to run for their safety after some chaos.

According to the French news site Le Parisien, the cinema hall descended into confusion after a man from the audience stood up and started yelling “Allahu akbar”.

Friday, November 1


Raising sons the right way in Africa

by Daniel Nkado

I grew up in a small town in Anambra State's capital. I was not up to 8 when I realized boys and girls were raised differently, at least where I grew up and at the time that was.

If I'm asked, I'd say more attention was paid to girls. Many times, while still in Junior Secondary, boys in my class were asked to leave so that the plump matron could talk to the girls.

Thursday, October 31


Attend GTB Fashion Weekend and get featured on DNB Stories

by Staff writer

The 2019 GTBank Fashion Weekend holds on November 9 and 10 (Saturday and Sunday) at the GTCentre, Plot 1, Water Corporation Drive, Oniru Estate - Victoria Island, Lagos.

The event will feature educative master classes, breathtaking runways and a great opportunity to shop finely crafted fashion pieces.

Monday, October 28


How to plan a trip to Ilashe beach resort in Lagos

by Staff writer

Ilashe is one of Lagos State's private beach resorts. Visiting Ilashe is definitely one of the funnest things to do during a stay in Lagos.

The environment is serene and natural - there are palms, coconuts, beach sand, shells and all. Unlike other Lagos beaches, Ilashe is private and not crowded.

Saturday, October 26


7 of the strangest places Nigerian men make passes

by Miz Tee

Let's face it: finding love these days requires extra effort, and in most cases, this might mean going out of all the conventional methods of finding a partner we are used to.

Online dating, they say, is easier and simpler, but it hasn't proven to be 100% efficient, has it?

Otherwise, the enormous population of single people we have today won't exist.

Friday, October 25

Wednesday, October 23


Couple discovers their adopted daughter is actually an adult with dwarfism

by Staff writer

A US couple has discovered the little girl they adopted from overseas is actually an adult with dwarfism, ABC News reports.

The Indiana couple says the little girl, Natalia, they adopted from Ukraine is actually an adult with dwarfism and tried to kill them on multiple occasions.

Tuesday, October 22


5 best soaps to use on your dark skin in Nigeria

by Gloria Ezeh

I've heard countless times from friends (and family sometimes) that dark and chocolate skin is easy to care for.

While there may be some truth to this, especially when compared to the strict care routines light skin requires, I still believe dark skin needs as much attention, if not more.

Saturday, October 19

Friday, October 18


My Lagos Sugar Mummy Diaries - 2

by Chuks Pope

Read the first part HERE.


Aunty Victoria was surprisingly inexperienced. Being with her felt like being with a virgin.

I used to hear some of my guys mention the reason they go for older women as being their tendency to be more experienced.

Wednesday, October 16


The 3 most disappointing albums by Beyoncé ever!

by Staff writer

One thing we can all agree on is that when it comes to music, Beyoncé is a god!

There is perhaps only one living person that has been able to match her super-impressive chart feats over the years.

Tuesday, October 15


8 common problems of Nollywood movies

by Staff writer

The Nigerian movie industry Nollywood represents the largest film industry in Africa and the second in the world (in terms of output).

About 50 Nollywood movies are released every week.

But, as in most scenarios, quantity does not always mean quality.

Sunday, October 13


Slum life in Lagos State - A pitiable situation

by Staff writer

Victoria Island, with its high-rise apartments, gleaming streets, and exclusive boutiques, is easily one of the plushest areas of Lagos State.

But only a few miles away from the lavish Victoria, calamity resides.

Saturday, October 12


5 reasons Africans believe JUJU is real

by Staff writer

Juju refers to the belief in African magic. It is the belief in magical powers brought on by supernatural elements like gods, charms, and deities.

Juju belief is very strong in West Africa. Almost all Nigerians believe juju is real -- in fact, it appears to be the common ground for all religions in Nigeria.

Friday, October 11


The night my wife caught me masturbating ...

by Mr. Anonymous

When my fiancée decided to move in with me, she had no idea just how often I masturbated.

We were both about 23 years in age and have been together for a while. Sex with her was always amazing, but nothing close to how I feel after a good jerk. I've always thought that nobody can give me the kind of pleasure I can offer myself, so I kept on with my little old habit.

Tuesday, October 8


8 well-paying jobs in Nigeria that don't require a college degree

by Staff writer

Gone are the days having a university degree was seen as the basic requirement for success.

With the number of non-graduate millionaires we have in the country today, more people are starting to see there is more to making money than completing a degree.

Monday, October 7


How Nigerians can easily travel to and work in Canada

by Staff writer

This article is about how Nigerians can easily travel to and work in Canada.

Nigerians with adequate work experience and skills can easily immigrate to Canada using the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program.

Friday, October 4


5 annoying things Nigerians do on their Whatsapp stories

by Uchennaya

The emergence of social media has simplified communication, sort of. But Nigerians have a tendency of overdoing things, don't we?

Today, more than 1 billion people all over the world use WhatsApp daily.

Thursday, October 3


Skoochies - The new popular party drink in Lagos!

by Staff writer

Skoochies (also spelt scoochies) is a local cocktail of alcohol and weed.

Skoochies is becoming increasingly popular in Lagos parties. Fresh reports now show the cocktail is served in almost all young-people parties in Lagos, including ones held by celebrities.


8 most common crimes in Lagos

by Staff writer

Nigeria's megacity, Lagos, faces numerous security challenges, ranging from petty to very serious crimes.

Though security in the state has been beefed up in recent times, pointers still exist to show a lot still needs to be done.

Wednesday, October 2


My experience with a sugar mummy in Lagos

by Chuks Pope

A sugar mummy is an older woman who dates a younger person that she spends money on. This younger person may be male or female (if the sugar mummy is gay).

Usually, sugar mummies are successful women or women who have good access to money. With this money, they can entice any young person they want.

Tuesday, October 1


Lagos and other cities at risk of being partially submerged - New report

by Staff writer

Goldman Sachs has released a terrifying report on the impact of climate change on major cities across the world.

In the grim 34-page report, major world cities like Lagos (Nigeria), Tokyo and New York were highlighted as being at risk of being partially submerged.