Advertise on DNB Stories

With over 200K monthly readers, an ever loyal and mature audience and advert-optimized blog design, DNB Stories is certainly the best bet for your business.

Our advert process is simple and easy.

DNB Stories serves five categories of ads:

1. Mini Sidebar Ads - 250 x 250 Banners

2. Macro Sidebar Ads - 280 x 350 Banners

3. Blog Header - 728 x 90 Banner

4. Sponsored stories/posts/links

5. Story links, music links and promotional videos.


Some of the brands we've previously worked with:


i. Your ad will show both on Mobile and Desktop view.

ii. JPG, GIF and PNG banners are accepted.

Banners may need to be resized if they exceed 60KB in size.

We can create promo banners for you at absolutely no cost!

Contact for negotiation.

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