Wednesday, July 11


Chimamanda Adichie renamed ChimaWomanda on Twitter

by Staff writer

Renowned Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is well known for her emotive feminist speeches.

Speaking at a recent interview with Vulture, Ms Adichie expressed her pity for men who lose out on the benefits of motherhood.

“But the other thing that motherhood does — and I kind of feel sorry for men that they can’t have this — is open up a new emotional plane that can feed your art,” Adichie said.

As usual, the statement provoked a lot of reactions on Twitter with many suggesting Adichie might be taking her feminist ideologies to the extremes.

A group of Twitter users in a bid to show their discontent with the writer subsequently changed her name from Chimamanda to ChimaWomanda!

"Since our very own ChimaWomanda feels sorry that men can't experience motherhood, shouldn't we also then feel sorry that women can't experience the magic of spermatogenesis?" one of the Twitter users wrote.


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