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Man with TWO penises reveals how he has sex

by Staff writer

It might sound like something out of a TV show, but men really can have two penises - and one man with the condition has spoken out.

The man who prefers to remain anonymous revealed he realised he was different from a young age, with his parents suggesting he kept his secret from school friends so they didn't get jealous.

Known only as Double D*ck Dude, the guy first came to people's attention when he took part in an "Ask Me Anything" contest on Reddit in 2014.

Double D*ck Dude says he has grown to love having two penises, although he admits going through difficult times when he was growing up.

DDD has since he's released a book all about life with Diphallia, a rare developmental abnormality in which a male is born with two penises.

What makes the man's story particularly interesting is that both his appendages work, which isn't the norm.

Of course most people want to know what sex is like for the anonymous guy, and he told Unilad: "With sex, I can ejaculate out of both at the same time – when I masturbate, I usually just use the right one.

"Stimulation of both at the same time feels great but a lot better when I’m actually having sex."

DDD says both his two penises function properly, and also revealed both men and women are fascinated by his condition.

Although he has had offers to star in porn movies, he decided against it.

Instead, he wants to retain his anonymity, but he's keen for people to understand not everyone is the same.

Double D*ck Dude credits his parents with teaching him he was unique, so he never questioned his genitals as a boy.

He did know he was different, mostly because they suggested he didn't tell people about his privates just in case 'other kids got jealous.'

DDD says when he was younger, that he enjoyed shocking prospective partners with his privates, but that he now he prefers to warn them first.

He hid it at school by wearing both briefs and boxers, but after confiding in a friend word got out.

With the support of his dad, he got through the difficult time, but then started using his unique talent to surprise people.

He said: "When I was younger and just out of school, I actually enjoyed shocking people I was about to be intimate with – after a while, though, it got old, and I decided in future, I would explain beforehand.

"Women are always difficult to predict – the ones I thought would freak out, don’t, and vice versa, but men always react the same."

In the Reddit thread the man revealed he was dating a man and woman, but the polyamorous relationship has since ended.

He previously explained that he even considered having one of his penises removed when he was growing up, but has since realized the importance of embracing his uniqueness.

Just last year a woman with two vaginas discussed the physical and emotional toll the condition has taken on her, with another lady with two vaginas and two wombs discovering she has gotten pregnant.


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