Tuesday, March 6


A little bit of CLEAVAGE from Chimamanda could feel really GORGEOUS!

by Staff writer

She doesn't do it often, but when she did, we all LOVED it!

Beside schooling us all on feminism, seems another thing top feminist Nigerian writer can do really well is look gorgeous.

Now as a well-known outspoken feminist we have to be careful talking about this dress because, you know, feminists, things easily become offensive.

One thing is sure though: We all loved the dress and Chimamanda in it, and it seems she does as well.

In her own words, she writes about the dress on Instagram:

‘I loved my Dior dress by Maria Grazia Chiuri. It felt almost transcendent. Heavy fabric swirling with color, muted and vibrant, commanding its own space. A gorgeousness so compelling I was happy to wear a dress that shows my boobs.'

So until she grants an interview about the dress and turns it to politics, let us all enjoy the glamour.


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