Wednesday, December 13


Why black men love dating white women

by Staff writer

First of all, know that all opinions expressed in this post are all personal and are not in any way deduced from any organized research or academic study.

Interracial dating is so common these days it is nearly becoming a trend.

So why is this so?

I can think of these 5 reasons, and they are:

1. Difference

There is that exciting feeling that you can date outside your own race. I believe that the majority of interracial couples are fascinated by the mere fact of being with someone different than them in an exciting way. This could also explain why many white women are dying to be with a black man.

2. Status symbol

White women are very often portrayed as the epitome of beauty and femininity. You’ve seen them all, those beautiful, tall, and sexy white women in the covers and centerfolds of magazines. This could be one of the reasons why black men seeking white women these days are countless. They want to be with women who are perceived as beautiful and classy by many.

3. Love

The raw truth is that when love strikes, there’s no such thing as black, or white, or Asian, or Latino again. People, as people, have the free potential to find attractive anybody their hearts beat for.

4. Mixed-race kids are considered cute and prized

Yes they might be, but so is any kid from any race or descent. It's probably vain to pick this as a reason to be with someone, but I guess in the end, humans will be humans. I've met black men who said they wanted to marry white women just so that their children might have "good hair and eyes".

5. Good dating experience?

White women, they often say, offer a relatively better dating experience than black women. Perhaps someone with evidence could come forward and prove, or disprove, this rather amusing claim.


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