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Man who chopped his wife into 70 pieces finally convicted

by Staff writer

An Indian man has been convicted of murdering his wife and dismembering her body before keeping the pieces in a freezer - seven years after committing the crime.

Rajesh Gulati smothered his wife Anupama, 36, in their home in Dehradun, northern India's Uttarakhand state in 2010.

Gulati, 44, then ventured out to buy an electric saw, which he then used to chop the body of the mother of his children into '70 pieces' before stashing them in a freezer.

During the following two months, Gulati, then 37, would dump the bags with his wife's body parts on the outskirts of Dehradun, one by one, Times of India reports.

Software engineer Rajesh Gulati smothered his 36-year-old wife, used an electric saw to chop her body into 70 pieces and then stashed the parts in a deep freezer for two months.

The court case has been ongoing for nearly seven years, and the story has captivated locals.

The Gulatis married in 1999 and soon moved to the U.S. where they lived for nearly a decade.

During their time away, Gulati worked as a software engineer while stay-at-home wife Anupama gave birth to twins, a son named Siddhant and a daughter named Sonakshi.

They returned to India in 2008 and settled in Dehradun, but their marriage soon soured, Indian media reports.

According to Gulati, the pair had a particularly vicious fight on October 17, and he slapped his wife, causing her to fall and hit her head.

Fearing that his unconscious wife would report him to the police, Gulati smothered her with a pillow.

He then kept her dead body for two days before using an electric saw to dismembers her and store the parts in a freezer.

His crime was not discovered until December when Anupama's brother came for an unannounced visit and grew suspicious when Gulati could not tell him where she was.

Gulati has now been found guilty of murder and hiding evidence, and will be sentenced next week.

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