Sunday, April 16


"My simple secret to success"

by David Galipeau

I was born under poor conditions. My father died in front of me when I was 18.

People would laugh at me at school because I was dressed like garbage.

Yet I was determined and I’m still passionate to be successful. People may tell you it’s the connections you have, the IQ you got, or the money your parents had. I had none of these.

My secret is simple.

You build yourself a reputation.

You start from scratch. Every person you meet in your life is an opportunity for you to influence him or her positively. Striving for success is not something you do when everything is alright in your life.

Success is a mindset, it’s a way of living.

Perhaps the temperature is cold, or you feel like shit, or you just broke up with your girlfriend -- whatever the situation, you get up and you get through your day. You don’t give your 50%, 75% or 80% because you want to chill that day. No. You give your 110% all the time. You want to be a champion.

People are not successful because they don’t want it bad enough. But because they tend to find themselves some excuses, saying to themselves : "I don’t have any money, I’m not smart enough, I have no education", etc.

I was not born into a rich family. Guess what, a lot of people who succeeded did not because of what their parents have done for them, but because they had the courage to defend causes no one would.

It’s in your attitude. It’s your leadership. It’s your legacy. Maybe someone got everything, the money, connections and he’s successful right away.

So what, what will it change for you? Will you quit because he’s successful and you’re not?

If you quit man, I guarantee you, you’ll be a loser. But at least if you try you won’t say to yourself later on : "What if...’’

Being successful for me is an everyday thing. It’s your way of thinking. It starts now.


I'm David Galipeau, a medical biologist with experience in the realm of psychology.

I have compassion, passion and energy for healthcare. My goal is to spread happiness in your lives.


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