Monday, December 26


Help us choose our next story!

A new year is upon us and so is a new DNB story!

We've confirmed 3 new titles coming to you soon!

Have a glimpse of three of them and help us choose which story to go first.

1. Obidike and the Shapely Maidens of Agbara

Like Ebubedike and Ola, this is a traditional story about a man that lived long ago.

Lovers of DNB style of African fantasy -- perilous journeys, strange creatures and all -- will find this story captivating as well.

2. House of Screams

I bet you've never seen pure horror on DNB Stories before? This is going to be DNB Stories' first ever true horror story. Can I hear you scream already?

3. The Lost Moon Piece (Do Dreams Really Come True?)

This is the sequel to the just concluded Quarter of a Blue Moon. Like in the first part of the tale, you will see love, family tension, and a little bit of madness.


All 3 stories written by Daniel Nkado.

The story as chosen by you will be aired on DNB Stories come 2017.

Roommates Season 5 is already ongoing and new episodes will be posted as soon as we get up to 30 comments under the first post.


  1. After we choose, u guys will stop half way. Write whichever one u like, it's ur blog anyways. Not as if our opinion is needed again.

    1. Sweet heart no vex. We did that bcos some dishonest people are copying our stories and pasting on their blogs without any credit, some even selling them.
      This is still your one and only DNB vex abeg

  2. Choose anyone you like DNB. It's all good and heartwarming

  3. I don't have any choice than to read any one you prefer to post. Thanks

  4. All are good. We have a long year ahead, so all can be done I believe. We still love u DNBstories.


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