Thursday, December 15


DNB’s most prominent character of 2016!!!

by Gloria Ezeh


Guess who DNB’s most prominent character of 2016 is?

With her sharp tongue, petite stature and incredible love for cocoyam, Uzoma has snatched the title of DNB’s most prominent character of 2016!

If you yet don’t know which DNB story this remarkable woman appeared in, read Daniel Nkado’s Quarter of a Blue Moon NOW!!!

DNB's most prominent character of 2016 was chosen in-house.


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I, personally, do.

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  1. There was a time you notice when a commentator stops commenting and look for the person, that does not happen any more. I miss those days.

  2. @Gloria You didn't apologize to the people you mistakenly deleted their comments

    1. Amebo. Daniel already approved the post, so?
      I will soon remove you as admin. ur comments will have to go 2tru me first

  3. Lolz! please oo don't mind her oo,if you insult her you will hear nwiii oo!
    Send a memo to those that stopped commenting,maybe they have some reasons. But not begging oooooo.

  4. THank you for giving of yourselves.. THE ARTicles are witty and engaging, we still await the stories. God bless the DNB crew


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