Thursday, October 13


Very costly break-up as ex-boyfriend misses out on share of girlfriend's £61m lottery win

by Staff writer

Dan White broke up with teenage sweetheart Courtney Davies, 19, last year, just before Courtney scooped a bumper £61million lottery prize.

Dan, 21, won't see a penny of the whopping amount after splitting with his girlfriend before she won the money.

And to add insult to injury, her sister and boyfriend who also had a huge £12m share of the fortune live NEXT DOOR to him.

Now he will see his next-door neighbours living it up in luxury which he could have shared in had he stayed a while longer.

Unlucky Dan said:

“All my mates are savaging me about this — the first I knew of their win was my phone going nuts.

“The boys were sending me links and jokey Snapchats asking if I was gutted.

"One of them said, ‘How much have you cried since you found out?’”

Mr White also joked:

"She could give me a million a year for the two years I went out with her - I wouldn't say no to that."




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