Saturday, October 29


Adorable! Two month old baby says hello [Video]

by Staff writer

It takes most babies around a year to utter their first words, but Christian Jones obviously had other ideas.

The two-month-old can clearly be heard saying ‘hello’ while his mum recorded this video on Snapchat.

Samantha, 19, who lives with her husband Dylan in Jackson, Michigan, told she was shocked when her son uttered the words.

Footage of the moment has since gone viral and been viewed more than a million times on Facebook.

‘I couldn’t believe it. I was like, “No way, you did not just do that”,’ Samantha said.

‘Snapchats are only 10 seconds, and it happened at the end, I was just hoping he would smile or laugh or do something baby-like.

‘But you can clearly see his mouth form the word and he says it exactly how I say it!” Like he was mimicking me.’

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