Tuesday, October 25


On My Wedding Day

by Amala

The biggest example of corruption is a wedding ceremony where people will spray you and your spouse only 200 naira and still eat rice and chicken and drink wine which sum up to over N1500...

The worse is they will wrap broom and packer for you as a gift.

So I've decided on my wedding day when my sweetheart and I will be dancing, people won't spray us directly, they will put the money on a tray for all eyes to see and at that point, you'll receive your food according to the following terms and conditions:

NO MONEY = Pure water and toothpick

N200 = White Rice without meat + pure water.

N500 = White Rice + head of fish + coke

N1000 = Jollof Rice + Meat + can of Malt

N2000 - N4000 = Fried Rice + salad + chicken + can of Malt

N5000 and Above = Please Serve Yourself...


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