Tuesday, August 16


One Story Feminists Would not Like!


Marina da Glória wrote:

I'm not married, I never dated and I'm still virgin at 28 years old.

I don't like it at all--when I see all my friends getting married, having their babies at this age, it makes me sad.

If I ever had at least one long-term relationship during my 20's, I would be glad. But I never had one. In my opinion [as a Brazilian - here marriage and having a man is a signal you're a real woman], I have failed as a woman.

I couldn't "catch" a man to have a long term relationship, I couldn't make a man attracted to me, I feel like I'm without value.

Each culture is different, I guess in USA women have more power.

I never been there to attest. Though, here in Brazil, we are going in this direction in baby steps. We can't lie, but here, men is seen as a prize.

"Wow, you got a real man, you are now a woman! A true woman. You have value."

I have this mindset, unfortunately. But isn't my parents' fault, they are really open-minded. It's my fault, and the female friends I have. All too girly -- we always planned to have boyfriends, take care of our houses, all those girly stuff.

And so, it is. They got to have their boyfriends, I don't know why but I couldn't. And this is pure frustration.

All I want is to have husband that I can take care of -- cooking meals, sharing great moments with, and the bad ones too! Someone I can trust to father my kids, who I can give massages, who I'd love endlessly, etc.

I feel lonely.

Right now, what I feel for being a 28-year-old female, never dated, never married, never had a long-term relationship and never had sex is -- Frustration.

I failed.


  1. Hmmmm! N why will u say u failed just bc of a fellow human? Even God is disappointed in u. What a useless write up

  2. You didn't failed dear, you are responsible for your own happiness. 28 isn't too old your knight in shinning armour will show up, till then please keep busy and be happy. Trust in God, tell us when he shows up.

  3. Dont worry. God's time is the best.

  4. Failed? no no no, you need to chanel your strenght to your creator,your carrier even to your present family!
    The truth of the matter is that 80% of the chubby husband and wife[couples] you see today are NOT REALLY happy family! yYou can only fail when you lose hope,so be strong and hopeful.

  5. Dis z rilli wotz happens in real life. You aint a failure. D patient dog eats d fattezt bone. Keep hope alive.


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