Thursday, August 18


6 Deadly Diseases You Can Get From Kissing!

by Staff writer

An intimate 10-second kiss can transfer over 80 million bacteria. Though this is not particularly scary as it might help some long-term couples by diversifying their oral bacteria (and thus boosting their resistance to other microorganisms), exchanging saliva can often transfer illnesses too.

Unfortunately, no one is exempt from the disease-spreading dangers of kissing.

These are 6 of the deadliest diseases you can get from kissing:

1. Hepatitis B

2. Mononucleosis

3. Herpes infection

4. Meningitis

5. Gum disease

6. Warts


When asked if she is still going to allow any man kiss her ever, Gloria Ezeh said: 

"Shut up and give me your tongue!"


  1. In other words kissing is dangerous to health.

  2. Hehehe!This auty Glo self!
    Don't mind Danny,he want to scare us away from blissful moments!

  3. Hmmmm! Pls stop it, I won stop kissing even if Hiv is included

  4. If I don't kiss him who will? Don't ruin my fun with that o


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