Monday, August 15


3 Important Fashion Tips for Plus-size Women

by Staff writer

Being big doesn't mean you are no longer invited to the City of Fab anymore!

In fact, we at DNB Stories believe nothing sells style more than size!

So if you are large and would still want to look fabulous, you may want to take a look at these 3 simple steps:

1. No Unnecessary Skin Exposure

Leave the belly and boob display to the Agbani's and Darego's. Stay away from miniskirts too.

2. No Loud Colours

Keep it low and calm; allow your curves do their magic! They are competent enough.

3. Learn the Value of Space

We are not saying you should hide all the flattering edges away in a gigantic bed sheet, no! Just don't stifle them in tight polyethylene instead.

You need some air, so breathe!


  1. Over to the orobos in the house!
    I love it meaty noy boney!

  2. Big, fat, orobo, heavy, dulling my shine since 1900 but not any more. I finally accepted myself as bold, beautiful and brainy bring it on.


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