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Something Bigger Than Love 2 - 5


Felix’s brother parked at the edge of the road.

Even before her phone started to vibrate, Adaku had guessed the blue Rav4 that just eased out of the road was him.

Without taking the call, she walked to the car.

The window slid down and she said, ‘Good evening, sir.’

‘Evening, lady,’ he responded. He waved. ‘Come on in.’

Adaku opened the door and entered the car.

‘I’m Kennedy, but you can call me Ken. Simply. While at Complutense, I was nicknamed Mr Paravicini, those guys over there are real nuts. It’s always a bad idea when Americans mix with Spaniards, don’t you think?’

Ada produced a smile and nodded. She looked round the interior of the car; everything was neat and in order and she liked the lemony scent of the car fragrance.

Aside being a bit garrulous, Ken did not look any strange at all.

He was dark with a small appropriate beard on his chin. He had Felix’s kind of nose and shape of lips.

‘So what is your name?’ he asked.

‘I’m Adaku, sir.’

‘Adaku!’ he echoed. ‘Lovely. One secret, my name is actually Ekene but the guys at Stanford kept calling me ekini and guess what, I stole the name of their onetime president. Sounds cool a revenge, right?’

Another smile and nod. ‘So how many universities did you attend?’ Ada asked.

‘Oh, just three,’ he said casually.

Adaku nodded again. ‘And you read medicine in all of them?’

‘Of course not, though all were clinical disciplines.’

‘Why did you stop practising?’

‘I’ve never really been so enthusiastic about applied medicine.’


‘Yes. I’m a research person. Always have been. You see, my dear, there are so much yet to be discovered in this earth. I bet you don’t know there are so many disorders yet to be named. The big guys over there just bundle everything into one syndrome and that’s it. But really, how are we going to better our medical knowledge if everybody is in the clinic wearing white coats and stuffing their ears with stethoscopes, diagnosing maladies already written down in books? What if someday a new epidemic springs up on us and all we have at hand are a bunch of antimalarials and antibiotics?’

‘I believe medical research is very active field already,’ Ada said.

‘Yes, it is believed, it is really, but that’s just streamlined nonsense. Research is very demographic, my dear. Absolutely. Our research persons are flown off to other parts, working as mere aids to the big guys. Do you know that just within my three years stay here, I’ve discovered two psychological conditions, never been heard of, never been written of, that predominantly affect Africans?’

‘Really, what are they?’

Ken turned quiet. He took a deep breath and exhaled. There was a new emotion that came over his eyes Adaku struggled hard to decipher. ‘I think we better get going,’ he finally said.

Adaku nodded.


He lived in the deeper parts of the estate.

The compound was awfully quiet.

He had no gate man.

He’d stopped the car in front of the gate and gotten down to open it himself.

Inside the house, the sitting room was wide and unfilled.

Just two long couches sitting at right angles to each other, a carpet and a table. There was no TV.

Everything looked unused, or just slightly used.

It appeared he hadn’t been around for a while, or he had, only just not using anything.

There was a strange smell in the air, something like the pungent smell of a chemical.

Methylated spirit or something close. One minute it was stronger and the next it was almost unperceivable.

‘You can sit,’ he said.

‘Thank you.’ Ada sat on one of the couches and he took the other.

He told her to feel at home and asked if she was hungry.

Ada nodded.

He brought out his phone and made a call.

Soon, someone knocked at the door.

He walked to the door and opened it. A tall boy came through.

‘Good evening, Doc,’ the boy greeted.

‘Evening, Dare,’ Ken responded. ‘Please, I have a guest, I’ll need you to help me get food for her.’

The boy waved at Ada in greeting. ‘Evening, ma.’

Ada nodded. ‘Good evening.’

From the excitement on the boy’s face, Adaku could tell that it wasn’t often that Ken brought in guests.

Something similar to the feeling a mother gets when her sixty-year-old son finally brings home a girl to marry.

Ken handed him two notes of N1000 and said, ‘I’m sure this will do.’

The boy collected the money. ‘What should I buy?’

‘Just food and water,’ Ken said. ‘Fried rice maybe.’ He turned to Ada. ‘Or what would you prefer?’

‘Rice is okay,’ Ada said.

‘Just rice?’ the boy asked.

Ken turned back to Ada. ‘Tell him what you want.’

‘Just rice is fine,’ she said.

‘Ok,’ the boy said, then in quieter voice added, ‘Doc, can I use your car?’

‘No, no, no, already told you you won’t be driving my car anymore.’ He added another note to the money. ‘Use a taxi.’

The boy nodded and left.

Adaku folded her arms. The AC was on and the room was very cold.

‘Hope you are perfectly okay?’ Ken asked her.

Ada nodded. ‘Just a bit cold.’

‘Oh, why should that be?’ He came closer to her and felt the side of her neck with the back of his hand. ‘Your temperature appears to be normal, do you have a headache?’

Ada shook her head. ‘Can the AC be turned down please?’


‘Not really used to staying under—’

‘Okay, okay, I’ll just have the thermostat adjusted for you.’ He picked the small white remote on the table and Ada saw the green numbers on the device change from 18 to 25.

Ken dropped back the remote. ‘The compressor will work for longer now and the recycling slower.’

Adaku didn’t understand the thermostat - compressor relationship but she still said, ‘Thank you’.

Dare soon returned with the packaged rice and chicken and bottled water.

‘Doc, Mami said I should greet you o,’ the boy said as he dropped the items on the table.

‘Oh, how is your mother now?’ Ken asked.

‘She is completely okay now. The injection worked a miracle. Abere sise iyanu.’

‘That’s good to know.’

‘Your change, Doc.’ Dare was extending some notes to Ken.

He gave a slight wave. ‘You can go with that.’

‘Ah, ese, sir.’

Dare said good night and left.

Ken stood from the couch. ‘I’ll be upstairs while you eat.’

‘Can I eat here?’ Ada asked.

Ken gave an amused face. ‘You can eat wherever you like, my dear.’

Ada said thank you and started eating.


Kennedy came down again when she was chewing off the soft ends of the chicken bones.

He was shirtless, just in his boxers.

Ada did not look at him when she said ‘Thanks for the food’.

‘Oh, it’s nothing,’ Ken replied. ‘Would you like a shower?’

Ada shook her head. ‘No, I’m fine.’

‘Okay. There are a couple of empty rooms upstairs, so you follow me and I’ll show you to one.’

‘No, I’m fine here,’ she said.

Ken turned back. ‘You are okay here?’


‘But this is just a living room, there is no bed here.’

‘I’ll sleep on the couch.’

‘And you’d be comfortable with that?’

Ada nodded. ‘Yes.’

He stared at her and then gave a small shrug. ‘Okay, whatever you want.’ He exhaled. ‘It’s becoming really warm, right?’ He picked the AC remote and changed the numbers back to 18.’

Ada didn’t think the room was becoming warm, but she said nothing.

Ken said good night and walked away.

As soon as he left, she picked the remote and punched the small red button.

The device stopped buzzing.


Deep into the night, she woke up to a terrible cold. She turned to look at the AC to be sure it somehow hadn’t come on by itself again.

The device was not working.

She folded her arms, shivering and wishing she could lay hands on a wrapper.

She wanted go up and ask him but hesitated.

He would be fast asleep, she was sure. She wouldn’t want to disturb him.

But then she heard noises. Footsteps.

Someone was coming down the stairs.

‘You are awake?’ Ken said, looking a bit surprised.

‘Yes. I’m cold.’

He looked at the AC. It was off.

‘The AC is off.’ He walked to her and checked the side of her neck again. ‘You are becoming warm. Do you have a headache now?’

‘Just slightly,’ Ada said.

‘Oh dear. I’m coming, let me get my kit.’

When he returned with the silver case and opened it, Adaku nearly recoiled.

It contained dozens of tiny injection bottles.

The bottles clinked together as Ken searched through the heap with his fingers.

Finally he saw the vial he was looking for and brought it out.

He opened a new syringe and drew some liquid out.

He picked the bottle of methylated spirit, opened it and touched some cotton wool with it.

‘Stretch out your arm,’ he said.

Ada was hesitant. ‘Why not just give paracetamol to take?’ she said.

Ken gave small scoffing smile. ‘Come on, it’s just an injection to make you sleep. It’s no treatment.’

Ada was slow still, but she finally stretched her arm and turned away.

The injection was not painful at all.

She was surprised when Ken said ‘You can look now, I’m done’.

He gave her another piece of cotton wool to press down on the spot.

He arranged back his kit and stood. ‘Sleep coolly, my dear,’ he said. ‘I’ll see you in the morning.’

Ada nodded and said thank you.

Ken walked upstairs, back into his special room.

Soon Ada fell asleep on the couch.

But she did not wake up in the morning.


  1. ewo o! i just hope ADAKU wont be a victim

  2. She Is going to be Kenedy's lab rat. Reminds me of Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.

    1. You are right Lisa, I hope not

  3. Don't want stories o,she should better wake up...Dat guy must be a psycho.

  4. OMG!!! Adaku pls wake up... How did she even got that cold at first!

  5. hope she will be okay

  6. Dat Ken is a psycho and now only Felix can save her. Am pretty sure she's in for a practical. Dan Weldone I have to bring my dictionary closer to me while reading this episode

    1. Hahaha...sorry about that, Uj. Ken is to blame.

  7. Adaku probably woke up at noon, lol!

  8. Well all I have to say is that the Peru Peru of the injectinalizedizedness is nothing but a krakum krakum! It's just a higasi bruhaha. In the words, I think she would be just fine!

  9. *But she did not wake up in the morning*, Dan what is the meaning of this? you want Obinna to come and cause riot at Gbagada Estate? She better wake hale and hearty!

    1. or u can go and save her nah, oga iyke,how is your famiy doing

    2. Nne dey fine pass me oo! ndewo Chi-chi!

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  11. No comment till the next post. Don't want to raise hell without knowing Kennedy's side of the story.

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