Saturday, August 1


From Us

Hello, DNB Mamas and Papas

First, we'd like to apologize for not posting a story yesterday. Our editors were too busy. Soon, we'd be needing to hire an additional hand.

To always serve you better, there are little ways you can help us:

*Tell your friends about DNB Stories

*Leave a comment after reading a story

*Share our links

All these will invariably increase our revenue and we could then hire additional help.

The iReadDNB Campaign is on! Please save the promotion banner and use on your social media walls.

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On August the 23rd, there would be a general meeting of all DNB new and old readers.

Yes, you can call it DNB August Meeting!!!

We'll be having it online for now till we are big enough to get a physical venue where all DNB peeps would come and have fun and share love.

We will also want to use this opportunity to wish a well known DNB Mama,
reigning personality, Madam Sekinat Adewole, a Happy Birthday.

#Gunshot for Sekinat.

Lastly, we'd like to say that none of the roommates have been declared dead as at now. The recent Roommates Episode is titled Survival. We don't yet know who survives and who didn't.

I hope the DNB Mama that sent us a highly emotional message, expressing how terribly upset Georgina's death has made her is reading this.

Thanks to you all and Happy New Month.

DNB is all about love. We hope you do love us as much as we do you!


  1. Happy birthday madam Sekinat. Twale Oga Dan and Madam Glo

  2. Happy birthday Madam Sekinat. U live to celebrate more in love, peace and joy. Amen
    Dan and Glo a big hug for u both.

  3. Happy birthday Seki bebe. God bless ur new age.
    I'm back with a bang. Who missed me???

  4. HBD Sekinat.. Many more years.

  5. Happy Birthday Sekinat. God bless and keep you. I like the idea of August meeting, since I will miss my town August meeting this year I get to attend DNB August emeeting. Dan and Glo well done.

  6. Happy Birthday DNB most popular... Long live n prosperity

  7. HBD Madam sekinat. More blsns. Long live DBN

  8. HBD ma'am, may ur days be long.

  9. August meeting? Am interested,when?where?how?

  10. Madam Sekina,enjoy your moment ma!

  11. Happy Birthdat.. we love u too DBN


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