Wednesday, July 8


Joke: #IbadanGirlsBeLike

Compiled by Zeus



1. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Father Lord May your name be exhausted.

2. #IbadanGirlsBeLike My name is Zainab Dolapo, but you can call me Zain for short.

3. #IbadanGirlsBeLike What can fa?

4. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Me? Speak bad English? That's UNPOSSIBLE.

5. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Mi wan take garri ati sue-gar.

6. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Hey barman, please give me one bottle of #Ciroc and serve hot.

7. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Emini si o gan?

8. #IbadanGirlsBelike All that glitters are not goats!

9. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Give me your pin Blackberry.

10. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Lord let your wheel be done…

11. #IbadanGirlsBeLike I don't like that KFC gan sef, they have not won the champions league in their history...

12. #IbadanGirlsBelike Milk meal raps better than Drake.

13. #IbadanGirlsBeLike My number is sero hate sero sis sis for won tiri tiri sefen (08066413377)

14. #IbadanGirlsBeLike My names is Ganiyat Lamidi Omoboriowo but you can call me GLO.

15. #IbadanGirlsBeLike See plenty Kpo-Kpoff...

16. #IbadanGirlsBelike Majority carries the folt.

17. #IbadanGirlsBeLike My name is Dolapo Suliatu Temitope Victory but you can call me DSTV…

18. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Father Lord May your name be alin exhausted.

19. #IbadanGirlsBeLike You cannot Challenge me, that's where I live.

20. #IbadanGirlsBeLike I study hat Hoxford University hin Washington DC.

21. #IbadanGirlsBeLike When I saw my result, I was successful. I passed away.

22. #IbadanGirlsBeLike I have not tasted Sharwama before...just give me 1 bottle please.

23. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Uncle, pease buy highs cream for me.

24. #IbadanGirlsBeLike I am a star. I don’t use cream that dulls my skin that's why I use ororo, so I can Shine.

25. #IbadanGirlsBeLike I doesn’t like snacks, but I love egg row.

26. #IbadanGirlsBelike Majority carries the volt.

27. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Why are people so weekend?

28. #IbadanGirlsBeLike I don't have a fone but you can help me send credit.

29. #IbadanGirlsBeLike Yeees?? Kilode?? What I?

30. #Ibadangirlsbelike Who is Sean Tizzle? Oh, you mean Sun Tissue??!!!

31. #IbadanGirlsBeLike My god is upsome!


  1. loool hahaha ibadan girls don suffer lol nice 2 I want one bottle of shawarma *rotfl*

    1. Real time suffer! Thank God I married from Ondo instead of Ibadan!

    2. Lolz. Dan u dey find trouble oo.

  2. Hahahahahahahahha @Sun Tissue. lol

  3. give me one bottle of ciroc and saf hot. lwkmd. The composer really tried

  4. Hmmmm I didn't understand most of dem.

  5. Uncle please buy highs cream for me...that one got me laughing seriously

  6. LWKMD Ibadangirls be like you can call me zain...

  7. Haha
    wat happin?
    Zeus wetin ibd babes do u?
    shey one jilted u ni? Am proudly an ibd babe. #representing

    1. True oh! U enter Ibadan girls well!! Hilarious!!

  8. Hahahaha kai why are they always yabbing Ibadan babes...are they that uhm?

    Pls visit: Nma's Blog 

  9. But then they are guilty as charged on the majority of the cases stated here!

  10. Hahaha..#omoibadan be like.. ki ni show

  11. Hahahahahaha
    Egg row got me laughing real good

  12. I luv kpof kpof too o Oga Dan

  13. Hilarious! for fiction stories

  14. 21.... Is the funniest.... I was successful at my exam....... Lool


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