Monday, May 4


NEW: Mondays Now For Reviews!

Check now, there is a new adjustment to our posting calendar - Book/Movie Reviews are now to come on Mondays!

If you want your creation reviewed on DNB Stories, send us an email-

You can also use the contact form on our blog.

Check our Book/Movie Review Process:

Step 1: Send us a copy of your work [via e-mail or post] with a short description.

Step 2: Allow a period of 3 - 7 days for an approval/disapproval message.

Step 3: You will only need to pay if we approve to review your work.

DNB Stories charge N5, 000 [$25] for Book Reviews and N10, 000 [$50] for Movie Reviews.

DNB Stories will only approve for review on our website, African or African-themed works.

Reviewed work will be advertised on DNB Stories for a period of two weeks.


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