Thursday, February 12


If You Haven't Read OLA - How Dare You?

Ola - The Tale of a Young Moon Maiden actually took Dan 3 years to write.

Currently an Okadabooks Bestseller, all those sleepless nights are finally paying off.

Dan is also doing something wonderful for DNB readers. He is giving them the opportunity to read OLA FREE on DNB.

So what are you waiting for. Visit the OLA Dedicated Page now and read the sweetest Nigerian story ever made.

Go HERE to see what others that have read OLA said:


  1. Good job Dan, Ola was the story dat got me stuck with u, although was hurt wen u didn't discontinue part 2.
    am happy to be here.
    we are proud of u.
    love u in a christian way

    1. Aww! That's so sweet, Sekinat. #hugshertightandrefusestoletgo#

  2. Forgive my typo error.
    @victor, come here u too

  3. #Shoki My night is not going to remain the same again

  4. Hmmmm.......... really interesting. It seems as if am watching a movie..... Kudos Dan.


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